Sunrise Shading Celebrates Twelfth Year of Success

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( — August 11, 2016) Kirkland, Washington — Summertime is a time for enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. However, with the heat of the sun and the concern about harmful UV rays, many people seek solutions that will allow them to spend time outside. Sunrise Shading, the experts in outdoor living, have a wide range of solutions, giving customers the ability to enjoy time in the outdoors while receiving protection from the sun. The company, based in Washington, specializes in retractable awnings for decks and solar window screen options for homeowners. It is also celebrating its 12th year of business this summer, a milestone the company is quite proud of. “We are thrilled that our company is celebrating another year of success,” says a spokesperson for the company. “Of course, our many customers made all of our success possible.” To learn more about their selection of retractable awnings, including custom fabrics, visit

Retractable patio/deck awnings provide shade and cooling for areas around the home. Traditionally, such an awning is designed to be installed to protect an outdoor patio or deck area, found in the backyards of many homes in the United States. They can also be installed over windows to provide shade from the intense sun rays. With summer temperatures soaring, the cooling effect of a retractable outdoor awnings can be quite significant. Sunrise provides homeowners with a wide range of choices, selling and installing products from some of the most reputable manufacturers in the outdoor living industry. Brands like Eclipse, Sunair, and SunSetter are but a few of the many choices customers have. One of the popular ways to employ an awning system is to create an “outdoor living room”, appointed much the same way as indoor spaces but with sun-resistant fabrics and an eye toward durability. An awning or sunshade makes the perfect addition to an outdoor living area by helping to reduce the damaging effect of UV rays, cooling the area, and protecting against rain and moisture. All of the awnings and sunshades can be equipped with automatic or remote control systems to add another level of convenience.

Along with awnings and solar screens, the company’s own sunroom tension shading systems bring innovation to indoors as well. These shading systems reduce indoor temperatures by as much as 25 degrees, helping to reduce fading and sun damage when installed over sunroom or atrium windows. Sunrise Shading has three locations to serve the state of Washington; with twelve years of experience and a broad selection of products, it is easy to understand why the company has become a trusted leader in outdoor patio and deck solutions. For further information visit

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Helping business owners and homeowners for twelve years, Sunrise Shading is a trusted leader in sun control solutions in the state of Washington. The company and its staff have over 50 years of combined experience in the industry and have worked with many products and services over the years. The company’s experts can design, install, repair, and manufacture sunscreens and other sun protection products for any application.

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