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( — August 15, 2016) Chelsea, Massachusetts — Flooding can be very devastating, especially for people and businesses. Heavy flooding can cause damage to properties, destroy homes, and create financial issues, all of which cause emotional burden. Not only do people suffer during the anticipatory period directly before a flood occurs, they also get stressed during the cleanup and recovery period. In some cases, the negative effects of heavy floods may stay for many years depending on how bad it is.

Unfortunately, not all insurance companies can cover damages caused by floods. Insurance companies universally do not cover any damage from natural causes. According to Metro Boston Insurance Agency, a full service insurance agency that offers all lines of insurance, the federal government may not be able to assist much in the event of a bad flood situation. This is why they strongly recommend homeowners to check with their insurance agency to make sure that their insurance policy covers natural calamities. Without proper insurance, individuals and/or families may not be able to find a temporary shelter or even meet their basic needs.

Metro Boston Insurance Agency also states that getting home and flood insurance in Boston, MA is even more important now that the flood-zone in Boston has grown. The new flood-zone maps released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which became effective in March 2016, show that more parts of Boston are now at risk of being flooded. According to Boston City Hall, over 9,300 residential properties and more than 2,400 businesses have been added to high-risk flood-zones. News reports say that property owners located in an area with a 1% annual chance of flooding may need to buy flood insurance.

Huge parts of Charlestown and East Boston have been added to high-risk areas, as well as harbor-side portions of downtown Boston and the North End. Ironically, the West End has the biggest changes even though it was barely covered by the 2009 boundaries. The flood-zone in Dorchester, which expanded inland, was also a big addition. Charlotte Moffat, Boston City’s flood plain manager, says that the new changes affect coastal properties, which means that property owners should watch out for alterations that might affect them.

Metro Boston Insurance Agency is offering flood insurance to Boston citizens and business owners at affordable rates. Their standard flood insurance policy applies to residential properties, condos, mobile homes, rentals and businesses that are in flood-zone areas. They offer a variety of flood insurance options including building, contents, and replacement cost coverages; standard flood insurance coverage; and optional flood coverage. Their building coverage is designed to cover damages to the structure of the property as well as appliances and other items considered part of the property, including dishwashers, cabinets and air conditioners. The company was founded in 1989 and has since built a strong reputation in the industry. To learn more about Metro Boston Insurance Agency, visit

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