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( — August 19, 2016) Irvine, California — Restaurant owners and service professionals in need of appliance repair parts to fix an ice machine or commercial oven have more resources than ever, thanks to the Internet. Yet not all parts sources are the same. A recent article in a major consumer magazine indicated that trying to purchase repair parts direct from the manufacturer or appliance retailer may not be the best solution. Independent parts retailers, the article states, are a much better choice, offering a more complete selection of appliance repair components at more competitive prices. Global Commercial Parts, a leading retailer of commercial appliance repair parts, understands consumers have a better chance of finding the parts they need with an independent company. “The appliance manufacturers and retailers specialize in producing appliances for sale, and many are not equipped to handle parts requests for repairs,” says Victor Perebikovsky, owner of the company. “Independent parts retailers, however, stock the parts most likely to need replacement at better prices than the manufacturers.” To learn more about the range of repair parts available from the company, visit

Another benefit restaurant owners receive from independent appliance parts retailers is purchasing the parts and having a professional service technician do the repairs. This tactic can saves a substantial amount of money, as service technicians often include significant markups on the parts needed to complete a repair. And, having the parts on hand before the service technician arrives can speed up the repair process. “A service tech often has to order repair parts and schedule another visit to finish the repair,” says Victor. “When you’ve preordered the parts, there’s no more waiting around for the tech to come back.”

Originally founded as an appliance repair service, Global Commercial Parts realized that restaurant owners and service professionals often sought to do repairs themselves, therefore opening up a market for quality parts at affordable price points. Independent parts retailers such as Global often have a better idea of the common problems associated with certain brands or models of appliance. Owners may wonder if a sound or unusual vibration is a normal part of the function of their appliance, and the manufacturer may not readily share that information with consumers. An independent company, on the other hand, has worked extensively across brands and models, giving them the experience and the insight to help troubleshoot problems quickly. “We’ve been in the business for over 20 years,” adds Victor. “We have a solid understanding of the solutions to most appliance repairs.” For more information, visit

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With over two decades of experience as an appliance repair service, Global Commercial Parts branched out to provide quality commercial appliance parts for restaurant owners and service professionals. Based in Irvine, California, the company offers a huge selection of OEM and aftermarket parts in the industry, backed with competitive pricing, outstanding customer care, and fast shipping options. Parts are readily available to order through the company’s easy-to-use online storefront.

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