Zara Realty Provides Housing Donation to Woman After Tragedy

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( — August 22, 2016) Jamaica, New York — Zara Realty has once again proven their commitment to help society by offering help to a victim of domestic violence. Zara is a housing provider based in Jamaica, NY that provides quality housing at affordable prices. Grateful for their continued success in the real estate industry, the company regularly gives back to the community by engaging in philanthropic activities.

Zara provided help to 23-year-old Natasha Houston from Guyana, who was mutilated by an abusive boyfriend in 2013. Unfortunately, this was not the only horror she had to endure, as the man also killed their two children after he cut Natasha’s right arm. A year later, Natasha’s story was introduced to Progressive O&P by Help & Shelter, an organization established in 1995 to work against all types of violence. Progressive O&P, which creates custom, state-of-the-art orthotics and prosthetics devices, decided to give Natasha the best prosthetic care possible after hearing her tragic story.

Although Natasha was able to cook, brush her teeth and do other daily tasks, including taking care of her new boyfriend’s two children, Natasha looked forward to having the prosthesis. Coming from a country that could not provide her with a proper prosthesis, she felt grateful, excited and a little nervous about what Progressive was creating for her. When asked what a prosthesis means to her, she smiled and said “it will make me more confident and feel more secure.”

After two years of finalizing arrangements and waiting on a visa, Natasha was finally welcomed into Progressive O&P’s office a few weeks ago. This was all made possible by a team of volunteers—including members of Help & Shelter, donated airfare, and of course, a generous housing donation from Zara.

Natasha now has a left hand, which is custom painted to match her skin, exactly with the veins and the palms. She has also been given a body-powered right arm. She can close and open the hand, and even lock and unlock the elbow so she can hold things. Natasha was immensely grateful, and has returned to Guyana as a proud survivor.

“It’s like our tag line says, we are Restoring Hope and Renewing Lives. This is what we do every day and are happy to help such a deserving person like Natasha,” said Rob Von Bargen, a resident at Progressive who is part of the team that created Natasha’s prosthesis.  

Today, Natasha lives in a small village in Guyana with her new boyfriend and his two children. As a survivor of domestic violence, she now volunteers as a spokesperson—speaking to victims across Guyana.

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