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( — August 20, 2016) Fort Worth, Texas — World records are meant to fall and one recently did. 

In September of 2011, the LED Lensor Giganto X21, which put out 1000,000 lumens, weighed 176 pounds and stood 13 feet tall, set a Guinness World Record as the largest flashlight ever having been built.

That record has now been broken by a group of students from Rhea County High School in Tennessee.

Chances are slim that the idea for the record breaking flashlight would ever have originated, had it not been for the donation of 900 C-size batteries to the school’s Career and Technical Education Department from the schools maintenance department. 

It turns out that the maintenance department was required to replace the batteries that operated the automatic flushing mechanisms in the schools toilets and urinals.  Most of the C-size batteries being replaced still had a full charge, so off to the CTE Department they went.

Among the 12 programs offered by the CTE department of Rhea County High School are Engineering, Agriculture and Welding, Career Exploration, Criminal Justice, MEPS/Electrical, Digital Art, Structural Systems, Health Science, Culinary Arts, Transportation and Construction.  

It was the engineering class that produced a blueprint for a flashlight that would measure nearly 21 feet in total length.

Using materials already at hand, such as wood and PVC pipe, over the course of several weeks the students produced a working prototype, which, when ready, was unveiled in the school auditorium for the whole student body to witness.

In order to be recognized as having built the world’s largest LED flashlight, a Standard Application to the Management Team at Guinness World Records will have to be submitted.  The application outlines the evidence that needs to be provided for review.

After the Records Management Team assesses the information and evidence provided, if verification is successful, the students will receive a complementary Official Guinness Worlds Record-Holder Certificate to proudly display at their school.

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