RollRazor Strong Alternative to Traditional Slitter/Rewinder for Converting Tissue/Towel

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( — August 23, 2016) Hudson, MA — RollRazor manufactures the world’s fastest paper converting/slitting machines on the market today. By expanding the types of materials it can cut, it is set to become an industry leader in tissue paper and towel roll converting. The company has truly had a solid first half in 2016 – and continues to gain market share with its unique and cutting-edge roll conversion technologies. RollRazor is also proud to announce an upcoming production trial for cutting tissue paper and towel rolls to demonstrate the versatility of the technology handling other mediums beyond just regular paper rolls. These highly-advanced units are perfect for converting tissue and towel while helping businesses and factories grow and expand. It is technologies like these that have taken RollRazor to new heights in this challenging and competitive marketplace.

As a reputable and leading company, RollRazor has truly emerged as an alternative to traditional slitters and rewinders for converting tissue. In fact, businesses of all sizes and across many industries rely on them for precise and accurate paper cutting. They continue to help companies that need materials trimmed down to new sizes as well – including plastics, film, foil, and large rolls paper. As paper and towel roll conversion specialists, the company is always on the pulse of new technologies that enhance overall efficiency and production. This enables them to offer the fastest roll cut-down systems, along with cost-effective and error-free roll slitting across the market. One phone call or e-mail is all a clients need to learn how a RollRazor in their plant can help them produce the best press-ready rolls on the market.

Whether for bulk projects or industrial paper cutting jobs, RollRazor is committed to excellence in all projects. Because it was designed for high production environments no job is ever too big, and certified professionals are always available to assist clients with project directives and goals. With a team of highly experienced, dedicated, and passionate individuals – RollRazor is designed to deliver timely and cost-affordable roll cut-downs for your plant. With its precision cutting blade and integrated chip collection system, RollRazor keeps your plant clean and simplifies the paper converting, cutting, recycling and disposal processes. With years of extensive industry experience, this company is truly a beacon of excellence in an industry that is always changing and adopting new technologies.

For clients in the market for new equipment for roll slitting or converting – go no further than RollRazor. They have the tools and expertise to meet all desired results within time and budget. For more information, simply contact the company today.


For more information on roll converting equipment and specifically paper tissue & towel converting, please contact Todd Morrison.

About RollRazor

RollRazor By The Entwistle Company is the worlds fastest, high precision roll cut down machine. It is a new approach to converting large rolls of paper, film, foil and plastics. Unlike a traditional slitter rewinder the RollRazor uses a large blade to cut from the outer diameter to the core in one pass creating press ready finished rolls at 1/10 the cost of the traditional mill slitter rewinder. The cut time for a 60 inch diameter roll would take just 3 minutes.


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