Why Temp Agencies are Best for Filling Positions

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(Newswire.net — August 24, 2016) — Filling an unusual position or one with specific requirements can be incredibly stressful for businesses, particularly if the roles are entry level, because training an employee who is too new to the workforce is a daunting task. Additionally, there are times when an unexpected loss of an employee requires a quick replacement in order to finish up various projects that simply cannot be placed on the backburner.

In such situations, more and more companies are turning to staffing agencies to meet their needs for seasoned workers who can get the job done. There are many reasons for choosing to work with a staffing agency as opposed to rolling the dice on whichever candidates happen to respond to a job posting. Three factors in particular are the most important for deciding to use a staffing agency over using a standard job posting.

Reason 1: Many staffing agencies require skills tests

In the digital age, many applicants are often brought in for interviews based solely on their application and resume. However, it is possible and fairly common for people to exaggerate their expertise in certain areas in order to gain access to higher-paying positions. Many staffing agencies remedy this by requiring their employees to take skills tests based on the content of their resume. Therefore, companies never have to face embarrassing situations such as an individual who claimed to have expert-level skills on Excel, but in actuality, only has a basic knowledge of the program and cannot do the work required for the job in which they’ve been placed.

Reason 2: Staffing Agency Hires are Adaptable

Being a temp means doing a lot of different kinds of work over a short period of time and then moving on to a completely different assignment. While this might seem like a stressful situation to be in, there are temps who love the feeling of working on an assignment and then truly being finished once it has been completed. When a company uses a staffing agency, they are receiving an employee who has experience working in a variety of settings on various projects and is used to having to think on their feet. Staffing agency hires are usually skilled in performing a variety of tasks, be they administrative, marketing-oriented, or even simply crunching numbers. If a company has a vacuum in a few areas and needs someone who can fill a few roles all at once, they will be better off working with someone who has experience being adaptable. Additionally, the knowledge these workers gain from working in various industries might help to streamline some aspects of a company that is using outdated or overly complex methods of operation.

Reason 3: Staffing Agency hires are vetted

There is nothing worse than hiring someone who is willing to work hard for the first week or so to prove they can handle the job, but then begins to slack off after they feel comfortable in the position. Staffing agencies expect companies to report both the positive and negative aspects of their workers so that any issues can be addressed prior to sending them out for future jobs. Staffing agency hires are essentially given a report card by each company they have worked for, which provides future companies with assurance that they will receive quality workers.

Office environments have become more complex in recent years. The need for flexible and adaptable staff is one which concerns many companies, both large and small. By utilizing staffing agencies, companies can take some of the stress out of the hiring process and get back to meeting the goals of their mission statements.

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