Hottest Hair Trends for 2016

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( — August 27, 2016) Los Angeles County, CA — The year is half over and resolutions have either been broken or completed. If one of those resolutions made was to get a new look, it would be good to know what the hottest hair trends for 2016 are going to be. This will enable one to get the hottest look while fulfilling that resolution.

Making the chop

A pair of scissors will provide a dramatic upgrade to hairstyles this year. The 2015 year of hair saw a lot of the ‘lob’ and it appears to be continuing into 2016 with a lot of ‘bangs’ added to the look. According to one of the top stylists, the shaggy, choppy, shoulder-length look is one of the top looks. Actress Emma Watson will set the pace for those looking for an effortless style. This is a very chic, trendy haircut that will take little maintenance to keep looking good. The choppier end cuts make this style have a lot of movement. Telling the stylist to make it look ‘like you just woke up’ should help them achieve the proper cut.

Shaggy look

Taylor Swift and Alexa Chung are bringing about the shaggy look this year. This has a rock-n-roll crop that requires little maintenance. The stylist should be told to leave enough hair to be pulled back in a ponytail with the sides coming loose to fall forward. There may be some curling iron use needed to get a coil into one or two sections of hair. Loosely coiling two sections in opposite directions with a shaking out will achieve the hot, trendy look of 2016.

Variation on the pixie

A celebrity stylist is boasting a variation of the pixie cut will be the top cut for 2016. Kate Mara and Lily Collins are wearing this style that features short hair around the face with an option of varying lengths through the top, at the nape, and around the ears. Maintaining the look once home from the stylist, it may be necessary to use a bit of gel to get it to lay in the desired direction.

Bringing back the bangs

Ask a stylist for a softer fringe if looking for a more glamorous look, or a blunt bang for an edgier look. Along with the new bang, ask for shorter and textured layers around the face. Most hair types can support this trendy, hot look but do look best on the medium to thick hair types. This style will only need to air-dry and let the natural texture of hair come through. A curling iron could be used around the hairline to achieve a fresh, modern look throughout the day.

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