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( — August 30, 2016) — Every woman wants long, thick hair. Our hair is part of the pride of being a woman, so we want it to look its best. Our hair is in its best state when we are children. The quality diminishes due to age, products and chemicals, the elements, diet, etc. We can take our hair back by adopting some tips to give us the long, thick hair that we desire. Whether our hair is naturally thick or it gets a little help, we can make sure that we keep it that way.

Wash Your Hair

This may seem obvious, but there’s more to just applying shampoo and rinsing it out. Our hair may benefit more from some shampoos than others. Look for products with zinc, iron, copper, and vitamins E and B5. Shampoos with these ingredients will reach the hair follicles under your scalp and increase keratin production. Also, look for shampoos with peptides and salicylic acid. These products help to stimulate hair growth.

Put the conditioner in your hair before you shampoo it. Our very own Jeana Rivas told Women’s World magazine, “I tell them to condition before they shampoo. This way, you’re nourishing hair but also washing away the heavy oils and buildup that can weigh it down.”

Don’t overdo it on the washes, though. It’s been recommended that we avoid washing our hair daily to avoid stripping away natural oils that help our hair. Use a dry shampoo which will help with your thickness.

Use The Right Product

Volumizers do work. If you have fine, thin hair, these products will increase the width of your hair strands, making them stand up and appear thicker. Dry shampoos also help because the powder gives hair density. A common ingredient is filloxane, which works on each hair strand from the inside out.

Bleach can also help with thick hair. Of course, using it too much and too often will bring long-term damage. In moderation, bleach can give you a few highlights. Mixing light and dark colors create depth, making your hair look thicker. Bleach also increases the diameter of your strands like a volumizing hair product.

Get A Haircut

There’s a reason why short hair often appears thick. Shoulder-length hair sometimes looks thin because ends split and fray from constant contact with our shoulders and clothes. Keeping your hair short will help to maintain its thick appearance.

If you don’t want to wear short hair, you can try long layers. Having layers cut into your hair will do much to increase volume. Celebrity stylist Adir Abergel says that layers create a stacked effect. This allows for air and movement creating fullness in your hair.

Don’t forget to trim your hair. Regular trims eliminate split ends which can travel up the hair shaft and make your hair look scraggly and unhealthy. It’s better to lose an inch or two now than to have to get a full haircut from damaged hair.

Give Yourself A Massage

Regular scalp massages will not only build up your roots, but it also stimulates circulation. Good hair salons may also offer scalp massages. The increased circulation in your scalp will stimulate hair to grow longer and thicker.

Blow Dry From The Root Down

After you step out of the shower, bend over and blow dry your hair from the roots. Hair expert Orlando Pita says that once your hair is about 60% dry, stand upright and continue blow drying from the roots. This will help to direct your roots to stand up and give your hair the appearance of more volume.

Let It Work While You Sleep

Before you go to bed at night, twist it up into a high bun or little knots. When you take it down in the morning, it will have beach waves, giving it a thicker look. If you have some extra time in the morning, you can do this while your hair is wet after you shower. Once it dries, take it down and use your fingers to fluff it out.

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