Zallys Electric Powered Trailer Dollies Introduced To North American Market

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( — August 30, 2016) Windham, Maine —Doug Jones of Ergonomic Handling Group Inc. in Windham, Maine is pleased to announce the introduction of Zallys electric powered trailer dollies to the North American region. These are operator controlled walking tugs that can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are in demand in North America and beyond because of how convenient and easy they are to operate and their long battery life. According to Doug, “The Zallys tow tugger is a great improvement to materials handling in all kinds of operations. It is easy to operate, low maintenance and your operation will be safer by removing the need to manhandle heavy loads.” The Zallys tugger can be used in manufacturing and industrial plants, schools, hospitals, boat yards, and other applications where heavy items need to be moved.

Ergonomic Handling Group, as the name suggests, is a company that helps businesses with all kinds of materials handling solutions. Their specialty is designing customized solutions for clients who are having trouble finding solutions that fit their particular setup. Doug explained to us that they focus on specialty and custom solutions because more and more customers are finding it difficult to find off-the-shelf equipment to solve their materials handling problems. “Our main aim is to help clients to solve their toughest materials handling problems by offering them affordable tailored solutions.”

The company offers a broad range of equipment and services including custom engineered materials handling solutions, walkie stackers, custom lifts, all terrain pallet jacks and trucks, vacuum lift systems, forklift attachments, forklift scales and pallet scales, industrial lift truck and forklift batteries, roll, and spool movers and more.

As Doug explained the company is already working with a good number of big manufacturers such as Mack Trucks, Airbus, P&G, Mars Incorporated, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle and others. “The fact that we serve this caliber of clients is a testament to the quality of our materials handling products and services.”

For floor managers who are looking to improve how they move materials within their operations the Zallys tow tuggers shows great promise. The Zallys line offers dozens of configurations to fit almost any towing application and the units can be supplied with accessories such as load baskets, tow balls, hooks, etc. to expand its use. You can also get additional battery packs that you can swap out if you want to operate it for longer periods. When not in use its arms can be folded in so that it can be stored in smaller spaces.

You can find out more by calling Doug at (207) 893-0557 or on Ergonomic Handling Group’s website,

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