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(Newswire.net — September 6, 2016) Farmers Branch, Texas — As physician practices and hospitals grow more crowded, urgent care medicine has taken center stage as an alternative to the long waits and difficulty in getting appointments. UrgentCare2go.com, a mobile, on-demand urgent care practice in suburban Dallas, Texas, has seen a number of developments in this medical specialty, especially in the past five years. Urgent care medical services provide immediate patient care for non-emergency needs, and were initially developed to provide coverage when primary care physicians were not available, such as on weekends or in evenings. “It is estimated that less than thirty percent of primary healthcare practitioners have after-hours coverage,” says Arti Nangrani, a spokesperson for the Texas-based company. “The urgent care field has expanded dramatically as a result, with over 20,000 medical professionals practicing the specialty.” To learn more about how the innovative on-demand healthcare service works, visit https://urgentcare2go.com/Home/HowItWorks.

Wait times in hospital emergency rooms may run into several hours, even for serious health conditions. Conversely, wait times for urgent care average thirty minutes or less. These urgent care facilities are often more economical than traditional hospital or medical center facilities, making them desirable to employers, insurance companies, and government healthcare payment programs. One of the developments in the urgent care field is the accreditation of such practices. Urgent care centers are voluntarily measuring their services against nationally-established standards, while some states are already requiring this type of certification from providers.

UrgentCare2go.com has found an innovative solution that serves as an alternative both to hospital visits or trips to an urgent care clinic facility. The company’s medical team blends technology and on-site visits to deliver exceptional patient care. Several physicians and medical assistants staff the practice. By using telemedicine and a team of highly-trained medical assistants, the practice’s staff can provide evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment in the home or office environments. “We have had patients utilize our urgent care services from hotels and college dorm facilities,” says Arti. “The service is designed to provide the utmost in convenience and the best healthcare available.” Patients may request service online using the practice’s web portal any time of the day or night, knowing that their healthcare needs will be met by quality, affordability, and convenience. For more information about the company and its range of on-demand services, visit https://urgentcare2go.com/.

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Breaking new ground in the urgent healthcare field, UrgentCare2go.com offers on-demand, mobile medical care whenever it is needed. Established by two family practice physicians who saw the need for flexible, quality urgent care for patients, the company, based near Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, delivers exceptional care wherever and whenever it is needed. The medical team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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