Kanida Chey Branca Chef Draws Guests with Local Product Focus

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(Newswire.net — September 6, 2016) — Although it was only founded in 2014, Branca has made a name for itself on Toronto’s food scene.

Holding the title of Toronto’s Top New Restaurant and Most Romantic Restaurant, Branca attracts foodies from across the city to its Brockton Village location.

In-house, Branca brings to life the authentic flavours of Argentina by employing the country’s traditional live-fire grilling and roasting methods.

Branca’s kitchen is run by executive chef, Kanida Chey, who comes with 15 years of experience in culinary arts and fine dining. The 33-year-old holds a deep love and passion for food, which is demonstrated with the care and preparation he takes in the kitchen.

“Branca is all about simple traditional cooking methods. Because of this, it is imperative that the meat we use be high quality,” said Chey.

Chey is adamant that all meats used on Branca’s live-fire grill are locally sourced from responsible and environmentally conscious farmers and suppliers, something that has resonated with Branca guests.

“I want to know where the meat we use is coming from. I want to know what the animals are fed and how they are kept and you cannot get that when you are sourcing food from all over the globe,” said Chey.

Prior to Branca, Kanida Chey served as Chef De Cuisine, Executive Sous Chef and Culinary Director for Icon Legacy Hospitality, a Toronto-based full service international hospitality company that owns and operates a wide range of upscale restaurants, cocktail lounges, bars and special events facilities.

Popular with its guests, Branca regularly holds features and showcases of locally sourced food and wine.

This past month, the restaurant took part in the Estrella Damm Tapas Journey, a celebration of the Spanish tradition of serving small-portioned appetizers, or tapas.

“Not only do I love creating and eating tapas, as a chef I also like the concept of trying many different, small-portioned appetizers. I spent time in Madrid and the southern coast of Spain and that’s where I first discovered the tradition of serving tapas,” said Chey. “When I think of tapas, it inspires fun, fresh and a lot of flavours.”

With the end of summer quickly approaching, Chey and the staff at Branca are currently working with local Ontario wine distributors to establish a few Fall and winter ice wine showcases that will be sure to please all Toronto diners.