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(Newswire.net — September 9, 2016) Glendale, California — Employee time and attendance management system software has provided cost-effective solutions for businesses and employers worldwide. As telecommuting and remote office work becomes more and more popular in modern times, conventional paper timecard time clocks become less needed and less preferred as they no longer offer the functionality needed by progressive companies. A lot of businesses that manage one single work location still use traditional time clocks, however, but even their traditional time clocks are now equipped with advanced technology, such as a biometric hand system. And when it comes to biometric hand systems, businesses need not look further than 1-800-TIMECLOCKS, especially since they now offer the innovative HP2000 Biometric Time Clock.

1-800-TIMECLOCKS, which was founded in 1993, is recognized as being the leader in the time and attendance industry. They provide time and attendance management products from reputable manufacturers like Acroprint, Amano, Time America, Pyramid Time, Icon Time, uAttend, and more. The HP2000 Biometric Time Clock that they are now offering is manufactured by Time America, a world leader in the production of data collection systems for workforce management of time and attendance.

According to 1-800-TIMECLOCKS, biometric attendance systems are now the technology standard for employee data collection for various industries, including finance, manufacturing, health care and many more. Their HandPunch products are designed to improve the efficiency of any business’ workforce and enhance the flow of their daily operations. By identifying an employee by the unique shape and size of their hand, a HandPunch unit eliminates the need for badges or passwords, which can easily be lost or forgotten. The unit is also an effective solution to buddy punching, or an employee clocking a fellow employee in and out. “The days of the punched time cards are over,” says the spokesperson of 1-800-TIMECLOCKS. “Biometric scanning technology is far more secure, helping to eliminate fraudulent transactions or also known as Buddy Punching.”

HandPunch units are extremely durable as they were designed to withstand everyday use of nearly any workforce. The casing is made from injection-molded plastic, a lightweight but strong material. The unit’s silicon rubber keypad protects the unit from outside elements and particles. Both the time and date are kept accurate by the unit’s internal lithium battery, which also holds data in the event of a power loss.

HandPunch units are not only easy to operate, they are also user programmable. They provide fast and accurate employee verification, saving companies a lot of time and money. With the HandPunch product, supervisors will be able to utilize labor resources better, since it can also monitor productivity, control building access and even track inventory. The HandPunch is ideal for first time use as well as for updating any business’ existing technology, and provides protection against expensive overpayments and security threats. To learn more visit, www.1800timeclocks.com.

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1-800-TIMECLOCKS is a major provider of employee time and attendance management products. Founded in 1993, they provide high quality and innovative products from reputable manufactures such as Time America, Icon Time, Amano and Pyramid Time. They allow their customers to compare leading manufacturers that suit their needs.


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