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( — September 12, 2016) Huntington Beach, California — When a loved one dies, family members face many difficulties. One challenging tasks revolves around the funeral service arrangements. atRest, Inc., an online funeral marketplace based in California, knows that families have many options when it comes to funeral services. Finding the right service provider to meet the specific needs of the grieving family can be tough, so atRest recently offered several consumer tips to keep in mind when beginning the search process. “Related to most needs, a professional funeral services provider should be able to answer your questions,” says a spokesperson for the company. “A quality funeral services company also maintains licensure and professional memberships in trade organizations.” To learn more about the process of evaluating a potential service provider, visit

Family members should develop a general understanding of the type of service desired. Services can be tailored to accommodate a wide range of budgets. It can be very useful to know how many people might attend a funeral or other memorial service, and what type of service is to be held. A reputable funeral services provider can tailor the experience for religious or nonreligious purposes, add custom, personalized or creative elements, or keep things modest and simple. While some service providers only offer specialty or limited services, other firms can accommodate the need for facilities, transportation, and requests for more elaborate ceremonies.

Relying on a service provider to guide grieving families through the process of making end-of-life arrangements is a smart move, according to the funeral services directory spokesperson. “Funeral directors and funeral services companies can help families think through the process,” says the spokesperson. “They have the experience to address aspects of the arrangements that family members might not be aware of.” To find a suitable service provider, it is critical to evaluate their reputation and their status with all applicable licenses. Current licensing and good standing with regulatory authorities is a must, of course, as is a potential funeral provider’s own reputation in the community and in online reviews. Professional funeral directors are often members of the National Funeral Directors Association, an organization that helps set practice standards and advocates for the funeral industry. Membership in this organization is a sign that funeral service providers adhere to the latest practices and standards. For more information about atRest, Inc. and to use the company’s innovative service directory, visit

About atRest, Inc. is a unique online marketplace for funeral and end-of-life services. The company, established in 2016, offers a simple, intuitive, and thoughtful way to connect people in need with funeral services providers. Current needs and future planning options are represented on the company’s easy to use online service directory.

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