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( — September 19, 2016) Chicago, IL — Managers use chess metaphors when they want to be perceived as strategic and tactically savvy, but rarely do they actually play chess, according to J.K. Egerton author of “Business on the Board: How the World’s Greatest Game can Build Better Leaders.” Even more rare, said Egerton, are those managers who fully understand how to apply chess strategies and tactics to grow their companies.  

“Great leaders, in business and life, make good decisions based on strong strategic thinking and tactical sharpness,” said Egerton, CEO and founder of Business on the Board™. His new self-help book reveals how to use the same strategies and tactics derived from chess for making better business decisions.

Typical tactics played on the chessboard, like desperado, interference, or overworked piece, are also present in the workforce with desperate, harassed or over committed employees. Managers who understand these tactics on a chessboard are better prepared to handle them at work, according to Egerton.

Instead of the case-study method common to graduate school education, Egerton’s book relies on lessons from actual chess games played by grand masters and others to teach the critical skills needed in business. Leadership, employee development, financial investing and risk management are among the professional abilities that can be enhanced by playing chess, according to Egerton. The book shares a collection of stories, examples and games from the author’s business management and tournament chess careers.

“Better strategic thinking produces better decisions and better decisions produce superior results,” said Egerton.

Business on the Board™ is a talent development company that uses gamification to teach business strategies and tactics. This leading-edge innovative approach helps business clients develop leaders who see the big picture and can handle any situation through better strategic thinking and decision-making. Whether through keynote speeches or personalized classes, when MBA-content is combined with chess for purpose, clients learn a powerful mix of the knowledge and skills leaders need to win. More information about Business on the Board™ can be found at


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Business on the Board™ is a leading-edge talent development company that uses gamification to teach business strategies and tactics. This new and creative approach meets the needs of business clients who have a desire to improve their leadership skills through better strategic thinking and decision making. Keynote speeches, corporate university classes, conference meetings, executive retreats, hands-on workshops, breakout sessions, and exclusive private lessons are part of the wide array of services available. By combining MBA-level business content and “chess for purpose”, Mr. Egerton builds a mindset of skills his clients use to advance their careers. Any decision making leader, be it a top level executive or lower-tier supervisor, any entrepreneur or business student will be a strategically stronger and tactically sharper performer with this training.

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