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( — September 20, 2016) West Chester, Ohio — TAF Group, a real estate investment firm based out of West Chester, is offering a few different ways to help property owners sell their property. For over 35 years now, the company has helped many property owners who were stuck in difficult situations. Whether property owners are dealing with foreclosure, relocating, fire damage, troublesome tenants, probate, or repairs they cannot afford, TAF Group will be there to provide a solution that is guaranteed to solve their problem.

As a group of real estate investors that are committed to excellent customer service, TAF Group buys houses in any condition very quickly and pays in cash. “We buy houses in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas, including Butler and Warren County,” says T. Argerous Filosofos, founder of the company. “We pay cash and you will not pay any commission, agents, or fees.”

The company can quickly give cash to property owners for their property, typically making an offer within 24-48 hours of assessing the property and closing in as little as 7 days if things go smoothly. Believing firmly in transparency, TAF Group will be open about their process from start to finish and explain why they offer the amount they do for the property.

Although TAF’s main offering is buying houses with cash, the company does offer other options so property owners can choose one that fits their needs. TAF has a rehab partnership program that few of their competitors offer. They understand that selling a property can be tough, especially if there are a hundred or more properties for sale in a client’s immediate area. Some of these properties have been renovated by a contractor, which means that they can be several times better and more appealing. An old house, or one that requires major repairs, can end up sitting in the market for months due to strict competition. To prevent this, TAF Group will partner with clients and loan them the money needed to rehab the property to enhance its competitiveness in the market.

TAF Group also offers a convenient option for property owners with little to no equity. The problem with not having equity is that clients cannot get an all cash offer without spending their own money and writing a check at closing. To solve this issue, TAF Group offers to take over their client’s payments until the property sells. They would catch up on missed payments, any back taxes and even lawyer’s fees. This could also help property owners repair their credit, allowing them to own a home again in the future.

For those who want to make the most out of their property, TAF Group supports owner financing and allows property owners to play the role of the bank. In this method, property buyers finance the purchase directly through the property owner, which means that the owner can take monthly payments from the buyer and overall make more money than if they simply sold their property for cash. TAF has all the necessary information on their website, and will be more than happy to take calls and answer any questions. To learn more, visit

About TAF Group

TAF Group is a real estate investment firm based out of West Chester. Recognized also as “Sell Your House Fast In Cincinnati-Dayton”, TAF Group buys houses in any condition and promises to pay in cash. They offer other solutions as well, including property rehab partnership, taking over late payments, and owner financing.

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