Instagram Gains Market Share

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( — September 20, 2016) — The fact that Instagram is a popular app is common knowledge. People love Instagram for many different reasons and this simple app gained popularity faster than other platforms that depend on pictures posted by users. Why is Instagram so successful and how it managed to took over the world in just a few years? The main reason people use Instagram is that they are able to share visual stories of their lives. No more boring texts, no more text limits, just pictures that can reflect the happy moments of someone’s life.

You might wonder why Pinterest wasn’t able to achieve the same level of success even though it is very similar when it comes to the type of content people are able to share on the platform. The most obvious reason is that Instagram does not allow links on the platform (except in the bio section). This restriction made people focus on sharing better visual stories and less promotional content, which led to an increase in popularity among people who were tired of seeing ads everywhere.

If you have an Instagram account, you probably use it from time to time to share pictures and to like or comment on your friends’ pictures. However, Instagram can be used for so much more including relaxing breaks and as a source inspiration so here’s a list of 3 reasons to use Instagram on a daily basis:

1.       Visual Stories Are Better Than Written Stories

Instead of spending a lot of time browsing through your Facebook or Twitter feed to find a good story to read, you can spend time relaxing and admiring beautiful pictures. If you are interested in the background story of a picture, you can easily read the description box but since Instagram is a photo-sharing platform the picture will come first and that allows users to have a better experience.

2.       Personalized Feed

The best way to use Instagram is to follow accounts that inspire you and make you feel better. Instagram is no longer just insta, meaning you can switch between seeing the pictures in chronological order to seeing the most popular ones. This is useful for users who want to follow popular accounts from a specific industry instead of seeing their friends’ posts. Another great thing about the app is that users can do a simple Instagram Search to discover new accounts.

3.       Great Source of Inspiration

As we already mentioned, Instagram can be an incredible source of inspiration. You can choose the accounts you follow based on your hobbies and preferences. Those who love art can have a newsfeed full of artistic pictures, those who are looking to change their lives can search accounts that post motivational quotes and focus on positive thinking, travelers can follow travel accounts to discover beautiful destinations and so on. Instagram is also a place where health, fitness and food are very popular so people who need inspiration regarding these topics can use the app as a great source of motivation.

There are many other reasons people should use Instagram daily, but these three are the most important ones. Waking up to an inspirational feed is rarely possible on other platforms since people feel constrained to add and follow their friends on social media. Instead, Instagram can be used as a recreational activity that will feed someone’s creativity on a daily basis.