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( — September 22, 2016) Dallas, TX –Marcus Hiles Dallas Morning News, a well-recognized real estate professional and investor that develops rental communities centered on luxury living, expresses his full support for technological innovation in real estate, saying that the use of the latest technological advancements in real estate has proved to be extremely convenient and cost-efficient for developers and renters alike.

For over three decades now, Marcus has built homes, apartments, and townhomes with unrivaled contemporary design and resort-like conveniences. He has had firsthand experience with the new wave of fully-programmable appliances that offers users new levels of customization and control that were unheard of in the past. Understanding the benefits of state-of-the-art, energy-saving amenities, Marcus makes sure to install smart appliances into all the homes he develops. He also stays well informed of all innovations in smart house technologies so he can take advantage of them in his upcoming projects.

According to Marcus, upgrades start right at the front door. App-controlled deadbolts allow home dwellers to decide how they want their homes to be opened and to whom. Entry codes can now be preset for family members and can even be issued on a temporary basis for guests and visiting workers such as cleaning workers and pet sitters. Many smart locks now have a feature that sends alerts once guests arrive, and those with HD camera with microphone can provide a live feed, enabling hosts to communicate with the guests even when they are not actually at home to greet them.

Marcus adds that even beds are becoming smarter. Beds for newborns are now available on the market, which play soft music, emit soothing lights, and lightly rock babies on automated settings. There are also adult mattresses now that can track and analyze behavior patterns while sleeping, which can greatly help in improving sleep quality just by adjusting the position.

Living spaces have been revolutionized by smart house technologies as well. Remote automation connections, connected lighting systems and learning thermostats are starting to get really popular. Smart energy saving bulbs are becoming more common, especially those that react to movement to turn off and save energy or slowly turn from bright to soft light. TV, coffeemakers and other appliances can now be activated using an app, and smart humidity monitors can now automatically improve air quality.

Smart products surely have revolutionized the way homes work and will continue to work better together to create an even more convenient experience for home dwellers at a price they can afford.

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Marcus Hiles Dallas Morning News is a reputable home real estate entrepreneur and investor who is based in Fort Worth, Texas. The founder and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, he develops affordable, luxury homes surrounded by eco-parks and greens. An environmentalist and philanthropist, Marcus has donated huge sums of money for great causes.

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