Bold Heart Announces Marriage Relationship Book With New Twist

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( — September 28, 2016) — Something new for women was revealed today, according to industry insiders. When singles and marriage relationship coach, Adam Andava, publicly unveiled the cover of his new book, Putty In Your Hand, even media representatives were taken aback by the man’s unabashed candor and bravery in exposing some intimate details of his courtship with the woman of promise he met on the internet and later married. Putty in Your Hand is available on Amazon today with its promotion beginning on Friday, September 30th.

The central image on the book’s cover, a heart gently held within a woman’s hands, loomed behind Andava as he spoke.  It represents his premise that by following Putty’s prescription, just about any woman can appropriate the system for herself and turn her man into “putty in her hand.”  He plans to use the book as a primer for his relationship coaching practice through A Better Marriage, LLC.

A veteran of women’s studies, moderation of groups of unhappy women, pre-marital compatibility testing, and relationship coaching, Andava is passionate in his insistence that every woman needs to feel desired, cherished and adored by her man

His wife, Mixie, agrees, and was the moving force behind the decision for the couple to dare public scrutiny of their long-distance courtship by publishing the100 love letters selected for inclusion in Putty In Your Hand.  They say they want to reach as many women and couples as possible with clear steps for “just about any marriage to reach greater heights of passion and intimacy on multiple levels, with a sense of peace and harmony.” 

The unusual format and candid revelations in Putty are expected to draw those wanting to attract the right mate, turn a troubled marriage around, or take a good marriage to greater heights.  Putty promises such results for those women who, as Andava expresses it, “add one leisurely, fun and exciting activity and mannerism — which already fits women perfectly.” 

During questioning, Andava disclosed some of the core beliefs in his approach.  These include the sharp contrast between what he calls “the truth about men” with the quite different impressions given in popular women’s journals. He says Putty gently leads a woman to understand the irony that even “unfeminine women” can gain extraordinarily captivating femininity, and how to do it. Once they do, they can have their man captivated totally, for life.  

Another dichotomy he presents is the power position which goes to the woman when she surrenders.  In developing that theme, the book intermingles poetic, romantic letters with careful instruction of the precise ways a woman can get so deep into her husband’s mind and heart that he could never want another, even long after the fade of youth. That’s a big claim, but the author exudes confidence it works almost universally if consistently applied.

Aria Demetri, who read an advance manuscript last year, applied Andava’s principles to her own troubled marriage.  She took the floor to say, “‘Putty In Your Hand’ is reality courtship at its best.” She concluded that, “It embraces the innate strength and power of true womanhood.” Most important to her, though, is the effect Andava’s lessons have had on her marriage.  She reports that as she “began implementing his gentle teachings, my husband responded in amazing ways, and Putty’s new ‘lovestyle’ became ours.”

After devoting much of his time and attention to creating this book, Andava’s plans now are to enjoy a long, well-deserved and overdue vacation of travel with his Mixie. When he returns, his new website,, will be activated, where he will offer more articles about the real-life application of all he shares in Putty In Your Hand.  It will also be the gateway to A Better Marriage Coaching as he returns to his relationship coaching practice and ramps it up with all-new applications of the “Putty Principles.”

Through it all, Adam Andava happily proclaims that the heart on the cover of “Putty In Your Hand” is really his own bold heart, turned into putty in the wise and gentle hands of Mixie.