VIDEO: New Ways to Keep Your Bird Feeder Squirrel Proof

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( — September 28, 2016) Woodbridge, Virginia — Rober Krampf, a bird watcher and nature enthusiast has found a great way to deal with squirrels. As many bird feeders have found to their dismay, squirrels are ever hungry and can eat until their bellies burst. It’s amazing how these critters will sniff out bird seeds and relentlessly try to reach the bird feeders. There are three methods to make a bird feeder squirrel proof; buy a squirrel proof feeder, spread your bird feeder pole with grease or buy a window bird feeder. 

Squirrel proof feeders are one of the possible solutions, but these feeders are expensive. Bird feeder poles are a favorite in many gardens where hummingbird feeders and other platform feeders are hung side by side. Spreading olive oil, vaseline or any other grease on your existing pole will work wonders and is easy, effective and entertaining (Watch this hilarious video and see for yourself). A relatively new concept in the market is called a window bird feeder. These bird feeders are attached to a window with suction cups so that birds can be viewed up close and personal. Squirrels are kept out of the feeders since they are unable to climb glass. As long as the feeder is installed high enough off the ground, the squirrels will not be able to steal any seeds.

Kanaryware’s Window Bird Feeder is a favorite on Amazon. With more than 240 positive reviews on Amazon, their feeders have been tried and tested by customers and squirrels alike. Tina Grover, a satisfied customer, had the following to say in her review. “This is a beautiful, sleek solution to squirrels that think the bird food is their food! I love to sit on my couch & watch the different birds that show up for breakfast! Well made, great price & fast shipping! I highly recommend!”

Word Lover, another happy customer posted this review, “So far, so good. This is a cute little feeder that squirrels haven’t been able to conquer yet. We placed it out of tree jumping range on our sliding glass door.”

When squirrels are not hogging the feeder, it’s a lot easier to enjoy wild birds at your window.  Cardinals, American goldfinches, and the red-breasted grosbeak are all backyard birding favorites and can be enjoyed from your home. These feeders are not only fun to have a around but also educational.

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