Sugar Toxicity Contributes To Heart Disease, Memory Loss, High Blood Pressure and More

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( — September 29, 2016) Reno, NV — In Sugar Toxicity: The Silent Epidemic, David A. Edwards, MD. HMD of Reno, Nevada demonstrates how sugars damage the heart and circulation. Based on 25+ years of research, Dr. Edwards uses a series of easy, non-invasive treatments to stop, and often reverse, the debilitating effects that all sugars have on the body, including Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and memory loss.

Dr. Edwards presented his lecture, Sugar Toxicity: The Silent Epidemic, to the Nevada Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Association and published

Sugar Toxicity: The Silent Epidemic (DVD) is being released by Informed Choices In Health, a 

health advocacy website, at the same time the FDA has issued new guidelines for labeling carbohydrates and sugars on consumables; and at the same time that many news sources are reporting on how the sugar industry has skewed research verifying that sugar contributes to heart disease. Dr. Edwards identifies sugar, not only as being a contributor to heart disease, but also to memory loss, high blood pressure, and many other serious conditions. a monograph by the same title, which appeared in the Townsend Letter, May 2016. His bibliography includes 300+ references;

In the U.S., a health crisis is underway: Adults are consuming 60% more sugar daily than the 12.5 teaspoons/day (50 grams) limit recommended by the FDA. According to a study in The Journal of the American Medical Association, nearly 50% of adults living in the U.S. have diabetes or pre-diabetes, and a National Institute of Diabetes study shows more than two-thirds of adults are considered to be overweight or obese. 

The World Health Organization recommends no more than 25 grams/day – half the amount recommended by the FDA. The American Heart Association recommends that women limit sugar to 25 grams/day, an amount Dr. Edwards believes to be excessive. (to put sugar consumption in perspective, one 20 oz. bottle of soda contains 65 grams of sugar)

Dr. Edwards explains how sugars stiffen the walls of blood vessels and red blood cells, creating a coating like that of a candy apple. This “caramelization” of the microcirculatory system and red blood cells prevents blood from circulating freely throughout the body. In effect, people are “sugarcoating” the capillaries of their hearts and brains, resulting in disease processes, such as Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, microvascular disease, and more.

Dr. Edwards mentions that laboratory research shows Carnosine removes Amyloid protein (Amyloid protein was referenced as the causative factor for Alzheimer’s in the movie, Still Alice, as well as in the documentary, I’ll Be Me about Glen Campbell). Amyloid protein interferes with normal cellular protein, and harms DNA and RNA function. In Dr. Edwards’ experience, the only side effects with high doses of Carnosine are the possibility of cramping, diarrhea or gas.

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