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( — October 6, 2016) Austin, Texas — Top tier live band Uptown Drive has become increasingly popular among audiences and is in demand this holiday season. This month alone, the band already has 14 private events booked—an all-time high since their humble start.

A dynamic variety act, the band takes their audience on an exciting trip through the decades by performing favorite dance songs from Motown, Soul and Disco eras, starting from the 80s and then moving up to the 90s and 00s to today’s Top 40. As a country music cover band, Uptown Drive also offers a country show that features older classic country songs as well as current country hits—perfect for any country and western themed event. The band’s talent and showmanship is revealed through the flow of their sets, using a proven and efficient game plan that ensures a non-stop dance party from the start of the event to the end.

Uptown Drive owes its rising popularity to the unique experience they can provide to their audiences. They create an entertainment program that will fit any corporate event or wedding reception. To do this, the band’s management team works closely with clients to cater the look, feel and selection to the event, coming up with a show that seamlessly transitions from genre to genre without a break in between. A 100% live music band, Uptown Drive does not use even one single backing track and offers outstanding musicianship as well as unrivaled stage presence that is guaranteed to entertain guests.  Their ability to create custom shows makes them an excellent form of entertainment for holiday parties, awards shows, conferences and other events.

What really sets them apart from other live bands is their interactive option that allows hidden stars in the event to be showcased. Their song catalog contains over 200 songs to cover everyone’s taste. Scrolling, scalable lyrics are projected on screens in HD, allowing event participants to join the band and perform. On top of this, they have an experienced MC that facilitates singing contests and icebreakers, which makes the event even more interactive and entertaining. Anyone can jump in with Uptown Drive’s choreographed dance band, keeping the energy moving. The band can also bring along live dance instructors per their client’s request.

Uptown Drive’s custom and interactive shows are undoubtedly leading them to success. Just recently, Uptown Drive launched a promotional video that shows their musicianship and choreography. It features new Top 40 songs and reveals the versatility of the band’s vocalists.

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About Uptown Drive

Uptown Drive is a vibrant and energetic live music band based in Austin, Texas. They offer custom, interactive shows at various events, such as corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, conferences, holiday parties and more. Launched in 2012, the band performs songs from the 80s, 90s, and 00s, as well as today’s Top 40. They also offer a country show with a wide array of country hits.

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