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(Newswire.net — October 15, 2016) Huntington Beach, California –The world of small business startups is an ever-changing landscape.  Trends come and go, and many young business professionals struggle to find market niches as those trends evolve. Halden Zimmermann, a noted expert on disruptive innovation for large corporations, knows that among the so-called “creative class”, business opportunities abound in today’s ecommerce markets. Creative entrepreneurs have more tools than ever to reach customers with the rise of online marketplaces like Etsy, social media platforms like Houzz, and dozens of Web-based business directories. “Creativity certainly comes into play when developing business plans, but for those people who can create art or music or jewelry or consumer goods, it is possible formulate a business that showcases those talents.”  To learn more about Halden and his work in global business innovation, visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kc-agu/halden-zimmermanns-3-ways_b_9567722.html.

The ecommerce platform Etsy has grown rapidly to dominate the creative market.  Sellers from around the world have come together to sell their handcrafted items, vintage consumer goods, and artistic services.  This is an ideal place to look for business opportunities, according to Halden. “For people who make artistic items, whether that is jewelry or ceramics or other products, Etsy serves as the gold standard of marketplaces to leverage,” says Halden. He recommends that creative entrepreneurs study popular sellers in an effort to spot trends.  By doing so, creative types can discover untapped market niches or devise ways of differentiating their handcrafted products from other sellers’ wares. Art fairs are another valuable outlet for entrepreneurs to connect with new customers.  Such fairs take place in cities across the United States on a near-weekly basis and can provide great opportunities to launch and to grow creative business ventures.

Creative types like professional photographers, musicians, mobile app developers, and graphic artists also have online resources at their disposal.  Social media platforms including Bandcamp, Facebook, and YouTube provide opportunities to share information about a small company’s products and services.  “The home decorating platform Houzz is a fantastic resource for interior designers,” adds Halden.  “By sharing photographs of your interior design work on the platform, you have the ability to attract new clients with a few clicks of a mouse.”  Halden Zimmermann says that the key to being successful as a creative entrepreneur centers on being able to identify market opportunities and remaining flexible enough to take advantage of them.  “Find your market niche, showcase your creative skills, and watch as customers come to you,” he adds.  For more information on Halden, visit https://ideamensch.com/halden-zimmermann.

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For many years, Halden Zimmermann has been assisting companies around the globe with identifying new markets and capitalizing on opportunities. His expertise in spotting emerging trends and launching successful product campaigns has made him highly sought-after by companies seeking to improve international business revenue. Among his many achievements, Halden has been instrumental in developing innovative business strategies, especially in the data technology and diagnostic medical equipment sectors.

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