Norway’s PM Caught Catching Pokémon During Debate in Parliament

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( — October 8, 2016) — OSLO – Norway is among the most carefree countries in the world, so relaxed that even its Prime Minister would rather catch Pokémon than participate in a debate on the country’s future.

Norwegian media released a video showing Prime Minister Erna Solberg playing Pokémon Go during debate in Parliament.

This is not the first time Ms. Solberg, 55, has been spotted trying to ‘catch them all.’ The Norwegian PM told reporters she was trying to ‘hatch eggs’ during an official trip to Slovakia.

Pictures were published of the Norwegian leader during a debate in Parliament as she stared into her smartphone with Pokémon Go on display, trying to catch an augmented reality creature. Hatching an egg would require her to walk during the debate, crossing certain distances like 1.5 miles or even 6.2 miles.

After the media accused her of disrespecting Parliament, Ms. Solberg defended herself, pulling the gender capability ‘card.’ She explained that it is well known that women are capable of multitasking, so doing two things at the same time is no biggie for her.

“Women can do two things at once” Ms. Solberg tweeted.

Several weeks ago, another top Norwegian politician was spotted chasing Pokémon on her smartphone. In August, the media released a photo of Trine Skei Grande, leader of the Liberals in Norway, who was seen playing the game instead of focusing on the country’s military issues at a foreign affairs and defense hearing.

Ms. Skei Grande was spotted by viewers playing the game when the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee meeting was broadcast live, the Daily Mail reports.

Ms. Skei Grande was accused of not caring for the country’s national security. However, during a break from the meeting, Ms. Grande accused the speakers of being dull. She said the game helps her focusing better on subjects that are not interesting.

Ms. Skei Grande told media she “listens better when she is doing brain dead” activities.

Ironically, it was Ms. Skei Grande who was addressing Parliament in August when the Prime Minister was spotted playing the game.