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( — October 11, 2016) Huntington Beach, California — SlipIns, a reputable company that manufactures innovative swimwear and non-water sportswear, will be attending the annual Annapolis Boat Show for the first time from October 13-16, 2016 at the Annapolis City Dock in Annapolis, Maryland. This will also be their first time participating in an event in the boating industry. Featuring their new tag line, ‘The World’s Finest Sun Protective Water Wear’, the company will be showcasing their products to avid boaters that will attend the show. “We are going after the boaters who are craving something pretty with sun protection in it,” says Robin Chesnie, co-founder of the company. “And SlipIns is just that!”

The Annapolis Powerboat Show is the nation’s oldest in-water powerboat show. It has gained and maintained a strong reputation for providing the industry’s most comprehensive boating exhibitions. Each year, the show provides boaters the opportunity to board and inspect practically every new model on the market. They can talk to industry representatives about every aspect of buying and owning a boat, and can also shop from a variety of boating products and services available—from boating supplies, fishing gear, navigation equipment, clothing and marine accessories to financing, insurance and electronics.

As a company that offers sun protection clothing, SlipIns produces state-of-the-art swimwear and non-water sportswear that feature 60+ SPF protection. Their products are not only good at sun protection, however, as they are also extremely comfortable and can easily be put on or removed even when wet. In addition, they prevent rashes and support the musculature for a more effective workout or exercise session. They all come in bold, attractive and unique designs in different colors, making them not just functional but also fashionable. Starting from their original and successful product SurfSkins, the company’s product lines now include the SurfSkin Minis, DiveSkins, GymSkins, SlipIns Crop Top, SlipIns Leggings, Sand Pants, and the Haute Minis line.

Just recently, the SlipIns co-founders, Robin Chesnie and Rick Rickman showcased their products and ideas to surf apparel shops and boutiques in Hawaii, where they ended up collaborating with a designer for their new Haute Minis.

“[We] Collaborated with a designer in Maui for our new Haute Mini with amazing tie dye prints,” the spokesperson adds. “It’s so beautiful and could be shown in Vogue! It truly is the best one yet.”

SlipIns’ products are ideal for practically all types of water sports and activities, including surfing, snorkeling, diving, paddle boarding, kayaking and simply swimming at the beach or pool. They are also ideal for working out in the sun or doing yoga outdoors.

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SlipIns is a leading provider of sun protection clothing that offers 60+ SPF. Based in California, the company offers a full line of products that come in various patterns and colors. Their product lines include the SurfSkins, Dive Skins, Zippered Minis, Gymskins, and the newly designed Haute Mini.


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