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(Newswire.net — October 12, 2016) Frisco, Texas — Long a staple in the construction industry, concrete has reached new levels of popularity with the introduction of new staining and finishing techniques. Homeowners looking to improve the curbe appeal of their homes are turning to the time-honored construction material. Finding the right concrete service contractor to transform the exterior of homes can sometimes be a source of frustration, according to the experts at TenList, Inc. The Texas-based contractor directory service, was established to help homeowners find the best service contractors in their areas, including those that specialize in the latest concrete finishing techniques. “Concrete can be a great way to add beauty inside and outside the home,” says a spokesperson for the directory company. “Because of the complexity involved in using concrete, however, it is critical to find the very best contractors available.” To learn more about the Frisco, Texas-based firm’s no-charge directory service, visit www.tenlist.com/services/concrete.

Concrete can be formed and shaped to give the appearance of stone surfaces. In addition, textures and colors can be added to the concrete surfaces, allowing features such as sidewalks or driveways to match or contrast with the home’s primary color scheme. Inside houses, concrete has been pressed into service for kitchen counters and flooring options. In fact, concrete flooring is considered a hot home interiors trend; with the range of color and texture options available, such flooring can be used to make a style statement or used to accent architectural features. Concrete is perfect for high-traffic areas, and because the stains used to color the material are part of the substrate, they will not wear away with use. The material has gained popularity as an alternative to stone or tile counters in the kitchen, too. “Concrete has many benefits when used as countertops or flooring,” adds the directory services spokesperson. “Concrete’s durability and cost-effectiveness are unmatched, and a reputable contractor can make all the difference in creating a beautiful finished product.”

TenList, Inc. provides homeowners with an easy-to-use online listing service that helps them source contractors for most home improvement categories, including kitchen and bathroom remodeling, plumbing, landscaping, and irrigation among many others. Through ongoing research and consistent screening, the company has the ability to list the top ten contractors in any category for each city the directory serves. In addition to the free listing service, the company also provides an extensive archive of information resources on its website, helping homeowners to make informed decisions when tackling home improvement projects. For more information on the service and the company behind it, visit www.tenlist.com.

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TenList, Inc. was founded to give customers a resource for locating the most reputable service contractors in their areas. The company has quickly become a leader in the field. Using proprietary data analysis tools and technlogy, the company evaluates contractors and site advertisers, including by interviewing their clients, to ensure that only the best of the best are listed on the company’s directory site. The Texas-based directory firm has earned a reputation for integrity in its contractor selection and listing processes.

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