1-800-TIMECLOCKS Now Offers OATS Compliant Time Clock

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(Newswire.net — October 24, 2016) Glendale, California — 1-800-TIMECLOCKS adds a new innovative time clock to their collection. Called the TS3000i, this new OATS (Order Audit Trail System) product is an automatic web-based time stamp clock that offers enhanced features. It is produced by Amano, a company that delivers innovative solutions through a variety of business divisions, including Time Management and Security & Access Management.

1-800-TIMECLOCKS is a leading provider of advanced time and attendance management system products. It was founded in 1993 with the goal of providing high quality time management products and solutions to businesses and organizations. Committed to helping businesses improve their workflow and reduce operation costs, the company only offers products made by renowned manufacturers in the time and attendance industry. Some of these brands include Icon Time, Pyramid Time, Acroprint, Time America, and of course, Amano.

One of the main features of the TS3000i is that it assures businesses’ compliance with FINRA OATS Rule 7430 (formerly NASD OATS Rule 6953 & NYSE 132A). It provides an innovative solution for businesses that have regulatory requirements as well as companies that need validated time as part of their business processes. Times on the clocks are all password protected, offering total security.

“The product actually runs on its own and employs easy-to-use time synchronization schedules,” says a spokesperson from 1-800-TIMECLOCKS. “It features an efficient backup system that sends event notifications through SNMP traps, enabling network administrators to manage time clock performance centrally. It even sends email notifications of clock status and failure to synchronize time, making it a very efficient and reliable time clock.”

A plug n’ play stand-alone web-based product, the TS3000i is quick and easy to install and does not require a server or desktop software. Made to be extremely user-friendly, it requires very minimal IT staff involvement, which means that the IT staff can focus on more serious issues, saving businesses time and money. The product also allows for a dynamic sync schedule of up to 12 times a day for improved accuracy. Another desirable feature of the TS3000i is that it allows transaction log files to be automatically maintained in clock for up to five years with a normal sync schedule of 2 syncs a day, and allows these same files to be emailed, printed or saved as desired.

The TS3000i also has an optional Power over Ethernet (PoE) feature and a Full Power Reserve (FPR) battery, eliminating the need for AC power connection.

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1-800-TIMECLOCKS is a leading provider of time and attendance management system products. They were founded in 1993 to meet the time and attendance needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes. An authorized dealer for many reputable brands in the time and attendance industry, 1-800-TIMECLOCKS allows clients to compare different products to help them find a product that will suit their needs.


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