Microsoft Patch KB3170455 Not affecting DocPath Ontario Suite Document Software

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( — October 17, 2016) — Last July 2016, Microsoft launched a security patch resolving a security vulnerability in Microsoft Windows. It has been confirmed that this patch –Microsoft Patch KB3170455– negatively affects applications that send non-PCL6 printing commands to the printer spool and has specifically hit the operations of the outdated Adobe Central (Accelio Central or JetForm Central) document software users. The Microsoft KB3170455 update causes PCL drivers required to print to PCL compatible printers to stop working and it seems that the Microsoft update is only allowing PCL6 driver functionality.

Adobe has already ended both core and extended support for Adobe Central Pro Output Server 5.7 document software and all previous versions of Central, as can be consulted on their official website here: This means that Adobe will not be providing any fixes to solve the problem caused by Microsoft’s KB3170455 patch.

DocPath assures that its Ontario Suite document software, the natural migration path away from Adobe Central, is not affected by Microsoft's KB3170455 patchAs DocPath’s Ontario Suite is the natural migration path away from Adobe Central, the company made sure that its Document Software is not affected by Microsoft’s KB3170455 patch.

As confirmed by security researchers, keeping up to date with system and software updates is the best defence against malware and other types of security threats. Therefore, applying Microsoft’s KB3170455 patch will be most likely mandatory for most users of Adobe Central (Accelio Central / JetForm Central) products. For those companies, DocPath offers its DocPath Ontario Suite document software, an Adobe Central replacement solution that is not affected by the Microsoft patch and hence allows applying Microsoft’s security update without interfering in the company´s business processes.

DocPath Ontario Suite offers customers that are still running Adobe Central document software a smooth and trusted migration path, through which all resources can automatically be converted and applications do not require any modifications to continue normal operation. In addition, a wide array of new document generation features turn DocPath Ontario Suite into the ideal replacement solution. Up to today, more than 20,000 forms have been successfully migrated at dozens of important international banks, insurance companies and other industries, which have relied on DocPath’s technology to replace their legacy Adobe/JetForm software.

DocPath is glad to confirm that its Ontario Suite never has been affected by Microsoft’s KB3170455 patch, and that companies that are seeking a permanent and quick and secure solution to the Adobe Central (JetForm Central/ Accelio Central) “dead-end” can rely on DocPath extensive and cutting-edge document solutions offering.

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