SafeTrac Solutions, Inc. Celebrates 16th Year

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( — October 18, 2016) Great Falls, Montana — SafeTrac Solutions, Inc. joyfully celebrates their 16th anniversary in the business, as well as their 380th customer milestone. A DBE-Service Connected Disabled Veteran Owned Business, SafeTrac Solutions provides high quality workplace safety services and support to companies of all sizes. They specialize in the trucking and construction industries, and also provide services for the medical, retirement, assisted living and general industries.

“We are extremely grateful to our customers for their continuous support,” says a company spokesperson. “Reaching our 380th customer milestone proves that what we are doing in the industries we serve is definitely helping companies grow and succeed. We look forward to serving our current and potential customers for many, many more years to come.”

As a workplace safety consulting company, SafeTrac Solutions understands the challenges faced by businesses in complying with government regulations while providing a safe and loss-free workplace environment at the same time. Their ability to tailor programs to fit every client’s needs and operations allow them to create business management based solutions that are not only highly effective but are cost-efficient as well. They take pride in providing services that help companies save valuable resources, improve safety and compliance, and add bottom-line dollars.

“We have a clear and thorough understanding of safety and compliance resource allocation, allowing us to produce only the greatest results for our clients,” adds the spokesperson.  “We value quality and integrity, and providing services of excellent quality is our priority above all other considerations.”

While the company mainly specializes in the trucking and construction industries, they are also well-recognized for their exceptional drug screening services. Unlike majority of drug and alcohol testing programs in the market, their program provides all of the elements to a comprehensive program. They start by drafting the company’s policy, and then they setup and pay for local collection sites. They overnight specimens to the laboratory, which they later test at a SAMHSA certified laboratory. After having the results viewed by a certified MRO (Medical Review Officer), the company will then report the results and provide all of the daily administration for their client’s program. This makes it really easy and convenient for companies, since all they need to do is send their employees in for testing.

Another thing that the company is widely known for is their employment screening services. Not only do they provide their clients with the necessary data, they also review and transcribe all records to ensure accuracy. To make it even easier for clients, they compile the records in a reader-friendly format so clients can easily understand the reports.

“We build such close working relationship with our customers that we become the office down the hallway that they can come to for assistance, rather than a remote vendor,” says the CEO of SafeTrac Solutions. “We do all the leg work so they can focus on their core business.”

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About SafeTrac Solutions, Inc.

SafeTrac Solutions is a company that provides workplace safety services and support, including trucking registration assistance, drug screening, driver qualification, and employment screening services. Founded in 2000, the company tailors their programs to fit the different needs and operations of their customers.

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