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( — October 21, 2016) Vancouver, Washington — Avian supplier The Finch Farm knows that birds make charming pets in the home. While pet birds are surprisingly easy to care for, the pet bird experts at the Washington-based company understand that novices sometimes struggle to find information about taking care of their new family members. In the interest of helping others successfully care for birds as pets, the company recently offered some care tips. “It is wonderful when pet bird buyers take the time to research care instructions prior to committing to pet birds into their home”, says a spokesperson for the company, which is headquartered in Vancouver. “Even though birds are easy to care for, mortality rates are high among novice bird enthusiasts.”

One of the most common issues is centered on appropriate foods for the birds. “Birds need a mixture of nutrients that cannot be found in ordinary parakeet seed, for example,” says the spokesperson. “We prepare a special mix to ensure the health and wellbeing of your pet birds.” Information on the finch seed can be found by visiting Birds fed a balanced diet thrive in their new homes, and many experts suggest feeding them boiled eggs with the shells as well as fresh fruits and vegetables in moderation along with the seed. Enclosures for birds may differ than cages for other pet bird species. For birds, flight is their primary source of exercise. A properly-fitting cage or enclosure has greater length than height, giving the horizontally-flying birds room to move around. It is also important to include perches and swings for the birds, but those features should not interfere with the flight path. The experts at the avian supplier suggest that pet bird owners avoid soft wood perches made from dowels or any wood cage products that include redwood or cedar, as the oils in those woods can be toxic to birds.

Finally, it is critical that pet finches and many other birds receive natural sunlight. Bird owners should also have shady spots for them to find shelter in. In the absence of natural sunlight, such as near a sunny window, there are special bird cage lights that provide the appropriate balance of rays. To learn more about The Finch Farm and to view the company’s full range of avian care products and live birds for sale, visit 

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The Finch Farm was established in 2013 and has quickly become the leading source for live birds and avian supplies on the Web. The company was started by two passionate individuals who researched and successfully bred an endangered finch from Australia. With a mission of promoting finch breeding to ensure species survivability, the firm has won the respect of avian enthusiasts in the U.S. and beyond. The company provides innovative digital ordering solutions and carries a full lineup of live birds, enclosures, and pet bird supplies.

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