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( — October 21, 2016) Jupiter, Florida — The release of Penguin 4.0 by Google on October 13 has greatly impacted some Google rankings, leaving business owners apprehensive about their newest ranking and how it could affect business. The announcement of the release was made by Google Webmaster Trend Analyst Gary Illyes last Thursday on Twitter.

The rollout of Penguin 4.0 has been creating havoc with Google rankings and is puzzling to many businesses because the results just don’t seem to make sense. Certain businesses are seeing huge jumps in rankings while others are seeing dramatic drops. Meanwhile, some rankings have barely moved.

Through Tweet updates, Illyes has explained these variations are to be expected and are not out of the norm when a new version is rolling out. He explains data centers receive the new version at different times, meaning some may be showing results from Penguin 4.0 while others are still running on Penguin 3.0. At the completion of the rollout, which will take some time, all data centers will function on Penguin 4.0. 

There are two major issues which have been identified as affecting rankings. The first is Google “democratizing” results, where, for example, 50 attorneys practicing in the same building are being spread out in Google search results. The second issue is the Penguin algorithm has done a “deep scrape” and has unsuppressed results for duplicate listings or old address listings, which causes confusion for the algorithm and provides problematic results.

For now, anxious business owners are being advised to be patient. It is predicted Google search results will begin to stabilize over the next few weeks as other algorithms become familiar with the issues affecting ranking and urgently adapt to overcome them.

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