Some Symptoms Arthritis Sufferers Should Not Ignore

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( — October 31, 2016) Orlando, FL — Arthritis is a painful condition that can be quite difficult to manage. There are those who suffer from mild symptoms and there are also sufferers who may live a reduced quality of life because of the condition.

Experts reveal the symptoms arthritis sufferers should not ignore. There are times when it is best for sufferers to seek medical attention, and one instance is when they experience severe symptoms. According to healthcare providers, arthritis sufferers should be wary about these symptoms, which are usually not considered to be minor medical issues.

Bruising or bleeding is one of the symptoms that arthritis sufferers should not ignore. It is important to remember that lupus as well as rheumatoid arthritis may reduce platelet count, and therefore may cause bleeding and bruising in the gums.

There are also medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) typically used by arthritis sufferers that may impact the flow of the blood in the body. When bruising or bleeding takes place, sufferers should let their rheumatologist know right away.

When sufferers experience shortness of breath, it could possibly be a sign of a serious problem in the lungs, such as scarring or blood clots. Painful urination, when accompanied with fever, may also be a sign of infections.

Infections are often a side effect of using disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs) due to the fact that they may suppress the immune system. Arthritis sufferers should remember that infections may quickly become severe.

Arthritis sufferers who have a mole that changes in color or size or a lesion on the skin that doesn’t seem to heal should take into account the possibility of skin cancer. Individuals who take TNF inhibitors are typically susceptible to this fatal condition.

Those who experience unexplained weight change and chest pain should also seek the help of their healthcare provider. Unexplained weight change could be a sign of congestive heart failure or kidney disease, which are common in certain forms of arthritis.

Unexplained weight change could also indicate the development of stomach ulcers linked with the use of NSAIDs, which are widely used by individuals with arthritis.

Chest pain such as tightness or heaviness of the chest that is accompanied by pain running down the jaw, arm, throat or arm could be a sign of heart attack. There are other symptoms accompanying chest pain such as shortness of breath or extreme weakness.

There are symptoms that may be side effects of pain medications such as NSAIDs. The potential side effects linked with the use of these pharmaceutical drugs have led many arthritis sufferers to resort to safer and possibly effective alternatives such as glucosamine.


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