EnergyGeeks Dedicates Donations To Suzuki Foundation

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( — October 25, 2016) Toronto, Ontario — EnergyGeeks is offering to install a free solar power system on qualifying Ontario homes. EnergyGeeks is the trusted advisor to home owners looking to explore solar for their home.  As part of its free solar offering, EnergyGeeks and its partners install, own, operate and maintain solar power systems on Ontario houses at no cost to the homeowner.  The homeowner then receives a share of the revenue from the electricity produced. Additionally, as part of their free solar advisory service, EnergyGeeks also offers the homeowner the option to buy or finance the system and collect all of the revenues generated.

“EnergyGeeks is extremely proud to partner with the David Suzuki Foundation to facilitate the adoption of solar energy across Canada.  The David Suzuki Foundation is one of Canada’s most respected, science-based organizations” says Mackie Hilborn, co-Founder of EnergyGeeks. “We share in their vision for a cleaner, more sustainable future for our cities and communities.” 

EnergyGeeks is donating a minimum of $10,000 to the David Suzuki Foundation’s on-going efforts to promote energy conservation and renewable energy solutions. EnergyGeeks has set up a signup page at where homeowners can find out if they qualify for a free solar power system. For every inquiry that EnergyGeeks receives it will make a contribution to the David Suzuki Foundation. For every homeowner who actually installs a system, an additional amount will be donated. The more people who sign up at and have a free solar power system installed, the more will be donated to the DSF.

Both organizations believe in the importance of producing clean energy directly at the point of consumption using micro solar systems to create sustainable, more efficient smart-grid communities.  EnergyGeeks can accelerate their mission of bringing clean, affordable energy to all Canadians by supporting the David Suzuki Foundation and their work in this area.

“Renewable energy is important for the many benefits it provides. Renewables are clean, reliable and safe, and have a much lower environmental footprint than conventional energy technologies,” says Gideon Forman, Climate and Transportation Analyst at the David Suzuki Foundation. “More energy from the sun falls on the earth in one hour than is used by everyone in the world in an entire year, so increasing solar power capacity on rooftops makes a lot of sense.”


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