Signs That a Pet May Be Suffering from Arthritis

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( — November 2, 2016) Orlando, FL — Arthritis doesn’t just impact humans but also animals such as horses, dogs, and cats. When pets suffer from this condition they may be in severe pain. In some cases, owners do not easily realize that their pet is suffering from such a painful and debilitating condition.

Experts reveal the signs that a pet may be suffering from arthritis. There are actually different types of arthritis that affects pets although many pet parents may not be aware of them.

Osteoarthritis is one of these arthritic conditions that affects animals. This degenerative joint disease usually affects older pets. Another type is septic arthritis, which is characterized by inflammation and joint degeneration due to infection.  Another type of arthritis is known as the immune-mediated polyarthritis. This condition come in many forms and develops when the immune system of the pet starts attacking the joints in the body.

There are common symptoms of arthritis in animals such as limping, difficulty moving, spinal issues, exhaustion, irritability, muscle atrophy, and habits such as licking, chewing, and biting.

Limping is often noticeable when the furry family member is trying to rise or stand up. It may actually depend on which leg has arthritic joints. However, both legs may be impacted by the condition.

Dogs with arthritis usually have difficulties moving and are reluctant to do physical activities that they effortlessly used to do. For instance, a dog may struggle getting out of the car or climbing up and down the stairs. Cats with arthritis usually avoid jumping onto counter tops and other higher areas due to pain.

It is also important to note that arthritis does not just affect the legs, but also the spine. A pet may suffer from lameness of the hind legs, sore neck, or abnormal posture. Pets with arthritis are usually prone to exhaustion and may find walks painful. They may even spend more time resting or sleeping.

Muscle atrophy is also one of the symptoms of arthritis due to reduced use of the muscles and inactivity. Cats or dogs with atrophied muscles usually have thinner legs than the normal. Arthritic pets usually lick, bite, or chew the painful areas.

Pet parents should bear in mind that although there has not been a cure for arthritis yet, there are ways to manage the condition. There are pain medications available, and there are also natural alternatives thought to be helpful against arthritis.

There are safer alternatives for pain medications such as glucosamine. This natural supplement is thought to be helpful for pets with arthritis.


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