Where Do Insects Go During the Winter Months

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(Newswire.net — October 27, 2016) — For a lot of different types of insects, a significant change in temperature can mean life or death. A lot of different insects have adapted to survive in a variety of temperatures – from extreme cold to extreme heat. Still, weather can take a serious toll on any insect colony in your backyard when the first snowfall begins to cover the ground in more than a light dusting. When those cold months of the year do strike us, there is normally a noticeable drop in the insect population. These insects will, thankfully, no longer try to enter your home and begin spreading in every nook and cranny. But where do these insects go?


As most people who hate bugs would probably dream, most insects will likely die off when the cold weather strikes close to home. This is not a harsh fate for an insect, however. In fact, many bugs have completed their life goals by the time this period comes. Most insects have a short lifespan anyway, which makes for a sweet death that is both fulfilling and useful to the rest of the colony or the environment in the immediate area.

For most bugs, their death means the preparation of the next colony when the spring finally begins to show its face. These insects do this by laying their eggs in a sheltered area away from the cold, and leaving their young enough food to survive.


Another common trait insects tend to share is their migration habits. Many bugs will simply turn tail and run away for warmer weather before the snow begins to fall for the first time. The monarch butterfly is one such insect that is quite notable for its migration pattern. These bugs will migrate their entire colony to warmer locations and live out the rest of their short lives. When it is time to return home after the cold weather has gone away, an entirely new generation of insect it prepared to make the long flight to the original homestead.

Insects like dragonflies, however, have a completely different migration instinct built into them biologically. These flying bugs, as most have seen, simply float around from spot to spot. In reality, the dragonfly is constantly heading towards warmer weather, even if the weather they are currently flying in is warm at present.


Finally, hibernation comes into play. A lot of insects will go into a deep state of hibernation once the winter months begin to roll around. These hibernation periods cause the insect to go entirely dormant, avoiding the significant weather drop altogether. Once the weather begins to warm, the insect will revive and rise up once more.

During hibernation, the insect is known to slow their metabolism down to a crawl and conserve all of their energy to remain in a sleep-like state for the duration of winter.

Should you have insects bothering you even when the weather is cold, your best option is to hire pest control professionals like UltraPro Pest Protection to remove the unwanted pests from your home once and for all. Despite the cold weather, some insects may still be searching for prey to bring home to the colony. Other insects, however, will turn towards the warmth of your very own home in an effort to escape from a cold death. These insects can be quite pesky, as they get into the nooks and crannies in an effort to avoid the cool winds. You could find them almost anywhere in the house, especially crawl spaces or in the hollowed out walls, depending on your home.

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