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( — November 2, 2016) Argyle, Texas — Therapy Ranch, an autism therapy center that provides comprehensive and integrated pediatric behavioral therapy in a comforting, natural environment, will be hosting a Fall Festival featuring a jeep show and toy drive on November 19th. The event’s main purpose is to raise funds and toys for local Texas Early Childhood Intervention services and to promote Toys for Tots, a non-profit organization that distributes toys to children from families that cannot afford to buy gifts for Christmas. All of the proceeds will go to helping out the special needs children in the local area.

The jeep club in Denton, called the ‘Predator Jeep Club’, will be holding a roundup at the event to raise toys for Denton County Early Childhood Intervention Services, and will display customized jeeps stacked up on each other. In addition, they will host a contest for several vehicle categories.

“We want this to be a fun event that will promote both the Jeep club in Denton area and help out the community,” says Brad Bevelhimer from Therapy Ranch. “The purpose of having it on our site is to bring awareness of our location and facility. Above all else is to have fun, gather toys, and show off all of our own toys.”  There will also be a bounce house and a petting zoo.

As an autism therapy center, Therapy Ranch helps children reach their full potential in a beautiful ranch setting. The company, uses a comprehensive therapy approach centered around Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)—the recommended best treatment for autism—that incorporates speech, occupational and physical therapy tailored to the needs of each child. The only therapy proven to make positive changes, behavioral therapy is used to increase communication and social skills as well as reduce problem behaviors that inhibit learning. It also works to educate and emotionally support the families of each child. 

The company’s therapy conforms to accepted industry practices, and is provided by licensed professionals. They offer the same type of therapy as many other organizations, but what sets them apart from their competitors is their unique delivery of the therapy. Children do not just receive the therapy sitting in a clinical environment across a desk from a therapist; their therapists actually participate in the children’s daily activities both inside and outside of the home-like center. ABA is built into the entire program, with therapists following the principles throughout the entire day within the range of various activities. Furthermore, the ranch setting provides a great start to learning, and provides therapists many opportunities to teach communication, social and life skills in the kitchen, living room, playground, garden, barn, in the field, on the hay, with the horses, and with peers and other animals.

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Therapy Ranch is an autism behavioral therapy center that offers comprehensive and integrated pediatric behavioral therapy in a comforting ranch setting that feels like home. They make use of Applied Behavior Analysis, a science that covers research-based interventions known as behavioral therapy. The company has a resident Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a psychologist that supervises a team of registered and licensed therapists in teaming up to support children and families.

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