The Secrets to Choosing a Fish Oil Supplement

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( — November 10, 2016) Orlando, FL — More and more people are turning to the use of natural alternatives such as fish oil supplements. This natural alternative is believed to help combat a range of diseases, from minor to life-threatening. Since this supplement is widely believed to be therapeutic, it is important that consumers know exactly how to choose the right product.

Experts reveal the secrets in choosing a fish oil supplement. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are healthy fats essential for brain and body functions. Omega-3s are believed to be responsible for the potentially beneficial effects of fish oil.

“Individuals who want to take advantage of these potential benefits may consume fish or take supplements,” said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O’Sullivan.

One of the best ways to get the right fish oil supplement for you is to simply speak with a healthcare provider about the dose ideal for one’s health goals. A doctor or dietitian can provide you with the right information about the safe and appropriate dose for your health profile and will take other factors into account, such as the medications you are using. A common dose recommended for individuals with coronary heart disease is a 1,000 milligrams combination of EPA and DHA.

According to experts, consumers should also know exactly how to decode the label of the fish oil supplement they are reviewing. They need to find out what the actual omega-3 content are, and the number of capsules in the serving size.

Finding a reputable herbal manufacturer is similarly important in choosing the right product. Consumers need to remember that there are many supplements available nowadays due to the increasing demand of the use of natural alternatives. This demand has given birth to many unreliable herbal companies.

The commercially-available fish in the market are believed to contain abundant levels of heavy metals and toxins such as mercury. Exposure to these environmental pollutants is associated with a range of side effects detrimental to health. This is one of the reasons why many who want to consume higher levels of omega-3s choose to take fish oil supplements.

Most of the more notable herbal supplement manufacturers use a process that eliminates an enormous amount of these environmental pollutants from fish. In other words, they produce fish oil supplements that contain little to no toxins. Consumers are advised to take prudent care in choosing a product since not all manufacturers truly eliminate the toxins.

Consumers may also choose supplements with pills that have enteric coating. This coating is believed to help increase omega-3 fat absorption inside the body, and may eliminate the fish aftertaste common in many fish oil supplements.


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