Harvard Teacher Of Psychiatry Reveals Brain Activity Findings

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(Newswire.net — November 10, 2016) Henfield, West Sussex —

Dr. Srini Pillay, a renowned teacher of Psychiatry at Harvard University, has just revealed his findings about brain activity following 17 years of work. Dr Srini says that whether we like it or not, the majority of thought patterns, behavior, beliefs and actions are simply out of our conscious control. According to his in-depth report he thinks that over 95% of the brain’s activity is in fact unconscious, which in layman’s terms means that we are unable to consciously have control over these things.

The man behind Saltori structured thinking, Andy Shaw, has agreed with the Harvard Professor. He recently commented why the discovery was so important with regards to personal success, saying: “It is so vitally important as we need to understand that most of our successes achieved or not achieved will come about as a result of any unconscious thought patterns which guide our actions, habits and beliefs. Meaning, If we can experience strong and positive patterns of thought, then success can actually become pretty damn easy.”

He pointed out that should people have negative patterns of thought, self-sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs, then eventual success would become next to impossible. He added: “When you have your unconscious mind working for you rather than against you, then amazing things will start to happen in your life, such as financial freedom, and a greater level of success. At the same time bringing to the surface any real potential that’s lying dormant deep inside, meaning life would become much less painful, and much more rewarding!”

On a video seen on YouTube, Dr. Srini Pillay says that we now know enough about the brain to be able to tap into that brain in order to change. He says that by overcoming fear of failure and self-sabotage by using brain science, we can change our brains to get out of our old ways. Andy Shaw has also written several articles about success through having a bug free mind, which have been published on his official website www.saltori.com.


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