Central Park’s Famous Furry Cartoons Set Sail on Royal Caribbean

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(Newswire.net — November 16, 2016) Abbotsford, British Columbia — Thanks to CoolStuff Studios, Dreamworks Madagascar characters have a home upon the sea. 

Themed spaces make cruise ships more vibrant and enjoyable. However, like all themed space projects, there can be many challenges in the creation and implementation process, projects for cruise ships are no different.  In fact, this particular project brought a couple new challenges that are unique to cruise ship design.

First, these well-known children’s movie characters would be sailing the high seas, amongst ocean water and chlorine pools, so they needed to be waterproof. Water inadvertently collects inside the forms and can cause the paint to peel, deteriorate and fade. This means that the characters would need to be replaced earlier than desired. However, completely sealing the sculptures is very time-consuming and therefore quite costly.

Instead of focusing our production efforts on costly waterproofing, the CoolStuff Studio design solution was to embrace the water during the design phase rather than the production phase. They designed the characters to accommodate water flow, ensuring that water had places where it could easily exit. This eliminated the problem of stagnant standing water. Now, these characters will last a very long time!

Secondly, Royal Caribbean Cruise ships needed an easy cleaning strategy for their ship decks, where the DreamWorks characters would be mounted. The team at CoolStuff Studios came up with an innovative idea for easy mounting hardware that allowed the sculptures to be removed so the decks could be sprayed down with little time or fuss. Then, they can be remounted, just as easily.

Now, thanks to the creativity of the CoolStuff Studios team, children sailing with Royal Caribbean will be delighted by these characters for years to come.

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