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( — November 23, 2016) Reno, Nevada — Over the past several years, much media attention has been given to digestive health. People across the United States are seeking ways of improving their overall health, beginning with their bodies’ natural digestive processes. Therabotanics Supplements, a leader in products that promote healthy digestive function, knows that colon cleanse processes can greatly improve the health of users. The company’s Triple Action Cleanse product was formulated as a natural holistic system to gently detoxify the human digestive tract, restoring balance and promoting optimal health. “The key to health is a healthy digestive system,” says a Therabotanics spokesperson. “By eliminating excess waste and promoting regularity, colon cleanse preparations help to maintain healthy balances of beneficial probiotics in the gut.” To learn more about the company’s innovative colon cleanse system, visit

The Triple Action Cleanse system consists of three products that work in concert over a 30- or 90-day period to restore balance to the digestive system. Unlike other colon cleanse products on the market, Triple Action Cleanse is formulated with a unique blend of Magnesium, fiber and probiotics. Magnesium helps draw water into the lower intestines, lubricating and boosting the elimination of harmful wastes. Other ingredients in the colon cleanse system include soluble fiber, natural plant extracts, and a patented blend of probiotics that have been shown to improve digestive balance, boosting overall patient health. Used together, the three components of the Triple Action Cleanse system help to relieve constipation, promoting regularity and improving the consistency of stools. Therabotanics indicates that it is critical to have at least one bowel movement a day. “Bowel movements are the body’s natural way of eliminating waste products,” says the Therabotanics spokesperson. Adding, “When one gets backed up or is unable to have a bowel movement, those waste products can accumulate, leading to discomfort and harming overall health.”

Therabotanics Supplements, LLC intends for the Triple Action Cleanse system to be used as a daily means of promoting health and wellness. Other colon cleanse products and programs on the market tend to be taken intermittently, which may lead to an accumulation of waste products and imbalances in digestive function. By providing users with a gentle, natural system, these products have helped thousands of people lead healthier, more active lifestyles. For more information on the company and its Triple Action cleanse products, visit 

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Therabotanics Supplements is a supplier of natural products with a mission to make better products for a better life. Their Triple Action Cleanse is a revolutionary system designed to cleanse and detox the digestive system.

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