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( — November 28, 2016) Vancouver, Washington — Freshwater fish have been popular as low-maintenance pets for many years.  From the youngest children to the elderly alike, an aquarium brings out a sense of wonder and fascination. Pet Fish For Sale, the Washington-based pet fish retailer, knows that several varieties of pet freshwater aquarium fish really stand out from the pack. Obscure varieties like cichlids, gouramis, and genetically-modified fish create additional impact when housed in a home or office aquarium. “Unusual or uncommon freshwater fish species are as easy to care for as more traditional aquarium inhabitants,” says Katie Klein, Marketing Manager for the pet fish retail company. “Many of the fish varieties offered by our company are ideal for home aquaria.”

One of the most exciting pet fish varieties to come onto the home aquarium scene in recent years is the GloFish. Originally developed to detect environmental pollutants, this fish variety was genetically modified with a fluorescing protein gene. Each successive generation of fish passes the gene down to its offspring; there are no artificial dyes or colors present in the fish.  In the home aquarium, GloFish glow under black light, making them incredibly popular with pet owners who want something a bit different from the ordinary. To learn more about these fascinating pet fish, visit

Encompassing species like wrasses, damselfishes, and surf perches, Cichlids are popular for home aquarium enthusiasts.  Scientists have identified thousands of species and estimate that there may be 3000 or more individual species worldwide ‑ many not yet discovered. These fish varieties tend to be territorial, which may require additional care. “Pet cichlids should be kept in a larger aquarium and in fewer numbers,” adds Katie. “The increased space keeps territorial disputes to a minimum.” The company features several cichlid varieties for sale; more information can be found at

Originating in Asia, particularly from the Pakistan/India region and extending to Korea, gouramis have been popular pet fish for many years. They are distinguished by the rays at the front of each pelvic fin.  Kissing gouramis and Siamese fighting fish are some of the more common varieties available, but the Washington pet fish retailer also offers other, less-common species in its extensive selection for customers. For more information on the company and to view its full range of pet fish and aquarium care products, visit 

About Pet Fish For Sale was formally launched on the Internet in 2016 and provides customers with an unmatched selection of quality pet fish, aquaria, pet fish accessories, and aquarium water care products on the Web. The company, headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, offers fast shipping around the country and backs its live fish purchases with one of the best guarantees in the pet fish industry. can be found on the first page of a Google search for ‘Pet fish for sale’. Customers can also find extensive care information on the company’s website.

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