SurgingLife Launches Wisdom Blog to Aid Life Change

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( — November 29, 2016) Kobe, Hyogo-ken — The core purpose of SurgingLife has been helping users achieve positive life change and joyful living since it was first conceived by founder Stephen Frost. Through everything it has done, through all the CDs, mp3s and other resources it has released that purpose has been core to everything. Accordingly Stephen Frost and SurgingLife are incredibly happy to announce that the new Wisdom blog section is now open for all those seeking information, knowledge and wisdom that will help them to create their life in the way that they wish it to be.

Wisdom Brings Empowerment

The more information a person gains about something, the stronger it makes them in terms of that thing. In the case of SurgingLife the ever expanding amount of knowledge and wisdom that it shared and made available through its various channels offers those who chose to utilise it a massively empowering force for positive change within their lives. To date the majority of information and help available via the website has been focused on very specific topics within such areas as meditation, ho’oponopono, essential oils and brainwave entrainment to name but a few.

The expansion of the site is to include a blog section which brings the opportunity for more expansive pieces which offer holistic advice that can range across and be inclusive of various topics, thus aiding users to integrate things in a very powerful way.

It also offers the opportunity for finding differing viewpoints and the opportunity for change that exist within them. These viewpoints come from the perspective of taking a good look at various situations in life, sources of inspiration and so much more, all of which becomes focused in a way that serves to aid the user in achieving an empowered mindset and elevated state of being.

Achieving Joy

The core focus of joy is something which founder Stephen Frost believes is realistically easy for anyone to achieve, with the reasoning being that it is all dependent on mindset. That means that to experience happiness and joy in any moment is only dependent on the persons ability to shift their thinking into a state whereby they find it easy to chose to feel happy and joyful. For many this may seem strange, yet there is compelling proof that this is the case.

The core mindsets noted by professor Carol S. Dweck of fixed and growth bring a foundation for this being actuality. When this is then built upon using further foundations from positive psychology espoused by those such as Shaun Achor the reality of state control through empowered thought becomes self evident. Many people choose to allow events to control them, that is they have built a belief that certain events “mean” certain things and as such their behaviour should take on a certain manner in light of those events.

Yet when a cross section of people is taken it can be found that happier and more successful people behave in very different ways and that their thought processes are very different too. It is through working from these types of perspectives that the SurgingLife Wisdom blog works to empower readers and aid them with elevating the levels of joy that they are able to experience as a part of everyday life.

SurgingLife Sharing Knowledge That Improves Quality Of Life

Through taking time in becoming acquainted with the knowledge and information shared via the blog it therefore becomes easy for people to develop the wisdom and ability to direct their lives in the way they truly wish. Purely wishing for change, or for dreams to come true very rarely produces results. Yet when the ability of how to apply energy, wisdom and action the right way is understood and acted upon, amazing things become truly possible.

This is the core reason that the Wisdom blog was brought into being, and the reason that SurgingLife is incredibly happy to be sharing it with users over the world. Those ready to take a great step and empower themselves with positive life change and an elevated quality of life can go directly to and begin an amazing journey now. Those seeking even deeper empowerment can find a wonderful opportunity for deep and rapid life change here.

About SurgingLife

SurgingLife brings aid for everyone seeking positive life change. For those who have been wondering what they can do in order to realise a far more positive lifestyle and a good quality of life, this site is the place to get the help needed. Drawing from meditation, essential oils, ho’oponopono, brainwave entrainment and a wide variety of other things there is solid ground to help those wishing to make meaningful life changes and achieve joyful living. Plus of course the world class Coaching and Breakthrough Life Change programs directed by founder Stephen Frost. The website can be found at


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