Why You Should Be Alarmed About Your Child’s Neck Pains

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(Newswire.net — November 29, 2016) Darien, CONNECTICUT — It is not unusual for a young kid to play computer games for 3 or more hours each day. Let’s face it this can have a negative impact on your kid’s efficiency in school. This short article will permit you to have a much better understanding of the reasons for limiting playing time on computer games. Ideally resulting in much better grades for your young gamers.

The more the head moves forward to accommodate the activity the higher the pressure is on the neck. The longer the gamer is at it, the higher the loads it must support.Eventually there will be pain and discomfort when the neck muscles have had enough.

The apparent response is to restrict gaming times. The young players are at it on average 21 hours a week. This figure is on the low side given that the study I am describing is 6 years old. Stopping cold turkey will most likely not work. My idea is to stop using phones and computers 1 hour earlier then a prescribed bedtime. The brain needs time to shut down to get to a deeper level of sleep.Be prepared to meet teenage angst, “Everyone else is doing it why can’t I?”. Your reply “Since I love you and appreciate you I want you to be well rested for school”. These games tend to overstimulate cutting into relaxing Delta sleep.

A refreshed youngster is most likely to do better in school and have less neck stress. Think about the cash and stress you will save by not needing to bring your child to the chiropractor. Consider their performance in school when they get more rest then they may be getting now. An extra hour of quality rest and potentially less pain will be your childs reward, with any luck better grades-we hope.

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