The Top Ways for Teachers to Improve Their Income

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( — November 29, 2016) — Many teachers enter their chosen profession, not as a means of earning a lot of money, but because they want to give back to society and help others to achieve their full potential. Indeed, teaching is a career that holds a lot of responsibility when it comes to educating the next generation and creating adults who are ready to take on the world. But, teachers often feel that they are not being paid enough for the work that they do, and with many teachers taking their work home with them in the evenings and weekends for marking and providing feedback to their students, many are obliged to agree. If you are a teacher, or you hope to one day become one, here are just some of the best ways for teaching professionals to earn more money.

Advanced Education

Teaching as a professor at a college has a lot more earning potential than teaching in a public high school. For teachers, this is one profession where studying for an advanced degree such as the online doctor of education really can pay off financially. Studying for an advanced degree such as an online doctor of education in higher education leadership will open up your job prospects and make you more eligible for higher paid positions such as lecturing in college. You will also be able to take advantage of research positions, or both.

Private Tutoring

With having a good education becoming increasingly more important for success in today’s world, it’s no surprise that on top of saving for their children to be able to go to college, more and more parents are also investing in private tuition for their little ones. Selling your services as a private tutor alongside a full-time teaching job or as a full-time venture, can be a good way to improve your earnings whilst still being able to do the career that you love.

Write a Book

For English teachers, especially English Literature teachers, one of the best ways to make an income is to write a book. You don’t have to write a best-selling novel in order to make an income from being an author – informational e-books are becoming more and more popular today, with many different platforms available that allow you to write and sell your own e-book. Along with that, teachers who have progressed on to earn a doctorate in higher education may wish to consider writing textbooks, academic journal entries, and other academic books to benefit students of education.


For many teachers, progressing up the ranks is one of the best ways to improve their income. Becoming a department director, superintendent, or even a principal or vice principal of a school is possible for any teacher who works hard and shows good leadership skills. Your employer may even have a professional development scheme, which helps teachers to progress into positions with higher earnings and responsibility.

Teaching is not well-known as a high-paying job. However, there are many ways in which teachers can improve their income or earn extra money.