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( — December 1, 2016) — Teldat recently launched its new microsite to explain in detail what having onboard internet connectivity can really mean for a bus company and its passengers, if a Teldat advanced communication platform is used.

To summarize and make the explanation easily understandable, on the Home page of this microsite, there is a 2 minute video which explains what can be “the perfect bus trip which can be put into place with a Teldat vehicle communication platform; Wi-Fi connectivity for passengers’ on their own devices to watch films, series or sport events, play online games, make VoIP calls, etc.; also adding connectivity for the fleet owners to control online CCTV, fleet location and much more.

Teldat divides the vehicle communications platform microsite into four sections to transmit the main business areas that are affected with the use of a Teldat rugged communication platform. These sections are classified as: New opportunities, Customer experience, Operations and Security.

NEW OPPORTUNITIES: New Opportunities in that bus companies can increase their revenue figures by using a Teldat advanced communications platforms on their vehicles. The income could be achieved from three main sources.

– Firstly, boosting passenger experience on trips which will mean more passengers in total and more frequent passengers.

– Secondly, maximize the revenue from advertising, especially because if travelers connect with their own devices, adverts can be segmented which will always increase advertisers’ ROI and thus increase the amount that bus companies can charge for the adverts.

– Thirdly, by having new technology onboard the bus fleet which increases passenger satisfaction and increases safety and control, it will always improve the possibility of winning public or private bus route contracts.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Customer experience of passengers traveling on a bus with a Teldat vehicle communication platform can be hugely different to what they are accustomed to. Even much more different to a bus that just offers Wi-Fi connectivity to its passengers.

Now, a full entertainment platform can be built into a bus for passengers to access via their own laptops, tablets or smart phones. Customers can watch live TV, selected series or the latest film releases. They can also play online games, read books and much more.

Apart from entertainment, customers can make VoIP calls through the bus communications platform, which are so important for foreign travelers and real-time interaction apps can be offered to passengers for online shopping, trip information or any sort of information which the bus company knows is valued by its passengers.

OPERATIONS:The same bus communications platform connectivity can be used by the bus company itself for improved Operations, allowing full control over the bus fleet, providing the necessary tools to minimize operational costs.

Vehicles can be totally controlled whilst on the move; so many operations are managed remotely online and on the moment from a control center. For example, keeping track of buses’ times, fuel efficiency, driver efficiency, unwanted driver behavior, customer satisfaction, etc. All of this incoming information from an Operation Aid System can be managed online and on the moment correctly and efficiently from a control center because a Teldat rugged communication platform can always guarantee connectivity.

SECURITY:Security, from many perspectives, is the fourth important issue. It enhances onboard safety and minimizes security threats. Indeed safety onboard for passengers and drivers is critical.

Onboard CCTV systems can now have real time surveillance with connectivity to the bus company’s control center and even directly to emergency services such as the police. The important point is that emergency data can be sent securely through the bus communications platform, as Teldat can prioritize or encrypt security data.

From another perspective if payments need to be made onboard, these can be secure payments when using Teldat equipment.

Also secure scheduling of routes is of utmost importance. To obtain the best results, changes and adjustments need to be taken once the bus is on route and this needs secure vehicle connectivity, which the Teldat bus communications platform can give.

On the vehicle communications platform microsite, apart from detailed information on all the four sections that have been explained above (New Opportunities, Customer Experience, Operations and Security), this new Teldat microsite has detailed information on the Teldat in-vehicle communication platform itself.

The actual platforms or devices that build the vehicle communications platform are called Teldat H2-Automotive and H2-Automotive+. These rugged onboard communication routers offer both LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity. Among many other advantages they have, simultaneous multiple WAN, power supply protection, enhanced MTBF, geo-fencing, battery saving, turnkey Wi-Fi solution with management and HotSpot, etc.

These devices and its predecessors have been installed in many large and important bus fleets worldwide. Some of these case studies are published on the microsite itself and they can be downloaded to dig deeper into how Teldat devices met many difficult challenges and offered the necessary solutions.

Overall, it is clear that whether the Teldat automotive communications solutions are installed to improve customer service or improve internal company service, the results can be spectacular. Among others, they can give a huge increase in client loyalty, increase market share or drastically increase operational efficiency with lower cost.

Please click here to visit Teldat’s vehicle communications platform microsite.

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