Divine Bounty Launches Magnesium Citrate Capsules on Amazon

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(Newswire.net — December 5, 2016) Orlando, FL — Magnesium is one of the most important yet taken for granted minerals today. The good news is that there are magnesium supplements available for individuals who seek to increase their intake of the mineral.

Divine Bounty launches its Magnesium Citrate capsules on Amazon.com. This means that consumers can take advantage of the potential benefits of this mineral in just a matter of clicks.

According to some experts, there are significant roles that magnesium plays inside the body. This is why a deficiency of this mineral may potentially result in many undesirable health consequences.

Statistics reveal that up to 80% of adults are magnesium deficient. It may be beneficial to take magnesium supplements on a regular basis.

Individuals who suffer from magnesium deficiency often experience symptoms which may include poor digestion, muscle aches or spasms, trouble sleeping, and anxiety. These may be due to the fact that this mineral is involved in more than 300 biochemical functions in the body, including heartbeat rhythm regulation and aiding in neurotransmitter functions.

Other symptoms of magnesium deficiency are kidney and liver damage, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, restless leg syndrome, worsened PMS symptoms, and insomnia. There are even those who suffer from behavioral disorders and mood swings.

There are several reasons why magnesium deficiency is quite common, and one is soil depletion. This could reduce the levels of magnesium in crops. It could also be due to digestive disorders, which typically result in the malabsorption of magnesium as well as other minerals in the gut.

According to some experts, extended use of prescription medication and the use of antibiotics may also cause the deficiency. This is believed to result from the damage caused by these medications in the digestive tract, which can hinder proper magnesium absorption.

Normal functions, which include heartbeat, muscle movement, and hormone production cause loss of magnesium inside the body. Replenishing this loss is imperative to prevent symptoms linked with deficiency.

The kidneys take care of controlling magnesium levels in the body as well as in excreting magnesium via urine on a daily basis. This is one reason why there is a reduction in urinary excretion when there are low levels of magnesium and other electrolytes.

It may be of benefit to utilize magnesium supplements to potentially increase the amounts of this mineral inside the body. There are many types of magnesium supplements available, and the absorption of magnesium is thought to depend on the combination of ingredients contained in a capsule.

It is believed that magnesium citrate supplements are more beneficial because they are more efficiently absorbed inside the body. Magnesium citrate is a combination of magnesium and citric acid.

The National Institute of Health reveals that assessing the levels of magnesium may be difficult. This is due to the fact that most magnesium can be found in the bones or cells and not within the blood. This means that blood results may be misleading in terms of determining deficiency in magnesium.

Using Divine Bounty’s Magnesium Citrate is thought to be a potential method to fight deficiency. Divine Bounty has long been thought to offer a variety of safe, effective, and potent natural supplements.

This product contains 1300 mg per serving, and it provides 208 mg of elemental magnesium. Consumers who are unsure if they are getting the right amounts of magnesium through food may want to consider utilizing this natural alternative.


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