Five Helpful Winter Hair Protection Tips

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( — December 7, 2016) — Proper Winter Hair Defense. The winter months can be quite frustrating in the beauty department. Cold temperatures can be a downer in so many ways. They can make your skin look and feel dry, rough and flaky. They can even do a number on your hair! If you want to do everything you can to keep your locks beautiful and healthy all winter long, however, you don’t have to feel 100 percent helpless. There are quite a few smart tips you can do:

1. Get Deep Conditioning Treatments

If you’re committed to winter hair protection, prioritize weekly deep conditioning treatments. A deep conditioning formula can restore lost moisture levels in your hair. This can be great for people who have concerns that involve air from the heater. It can also be excellent for people who worry about chilly air in general. Show your hair some love and respect by nurturing it with a nice mask that can nurse it back to optimal health and beauty.

2. Remember That Hats Are Your Friend

Hats can also make great options for people who are serious about winter hair protection. If you want to maintain radiant and healthy strands, conceal your hair from the harsh elements with hats. A good hat can protect your hair from snow, strong winds, rain and hail. If you don’t want a hat to flatten your hair and ruin your look, you don’t have to worry, either. There’s a way to get around that. Simply use a silk scarf to wrap your head beforehand. A silk scarf can minimize pesky static as well.

3. Avoid Washing Your Hair Excessively

It can be tempting to wash your hair on a daily basis. It feels so good. Shampoo smells so wonderful. It’s not the best thing for your hair health, however. Aim to wash your locks anywhere between two and three times per week in the winter months. If you cut down on washing your hair, you’ll keep excessive dryness at bay. That, in turn, will keep your hair soft, smooth, bouncy and beautiful. Remember to never leave home without fully dry hair after washing, too. Freezing temperatures and moisture together can be destructive to the hair. They can lead to additional dryness. They can even make your strands markedly weaker.

4. Visit a Good Hair Salon

If you’re interested in protecting your hair from the winter weather, visit a good hair salon like 212 Salon and Day Spa on a regular basis for a conditioning treatment. This can be a great option for people who like to pamper themselves. If you’re in the mood to treat yourself and escape from it all, it can be relaxing and calming to go a salon and simply focus on your hair for a little while. A fortifying hair scalp treatment can be helpful to people who have damaged strands. It can be helpful to people who have hair that’s crying out for more moisture as well.

5. Invest in Routine Trims

Don’t forget to trim your hair while you’re at the salon. Routine trims can be terrific for people who want to defend their hair from the stresses of the winter. Aim to get trims in intervals of between six and eight weeks or so. Ask your hairstylist to remove the tips. This can help you say goodbye to the possibility of unsightly split ends that are so common in times of colder weather. If you’re proactive about maintaining healthy and vibrant hair in the wintertime, you shouldn’t have a problem at all. Your hair should always be a priority. It definitely needs to receive a little extra TLC in the wintertime, however.


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