The RFID Blocking Sleeves Could Ward off Electronic Pickpockets

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( — December 20, 2016) Tallahassee, FL — Credit and debit cards have long been used as an easy, fast, and safe way to make financial transactions. However, due to the brilliant techniques and tools used by hackers or fraudsters, consumers have become vulnerable to identity theft.

The RFID blocking sleeves are believed to be effective in warding of electronic pickpockets. Today, anyone can fall prey to digital criminals. There are card skimming devices nowadays that are easy and fast to use in stealing credit card information.

According to estimates, 70 percent of credit cards would become vulnerable to digital pickpockets. Credit card skimming devices are the tools usually used by fraudsters to commit their crime. This type of device can be purchased online for a cheap price of about $50.

Thieves do not even have to be geniuses to commit the crime. This device works by establishing signals from the credit card, and during the process, information is stolen.

Fraudsters do not have to take a hold of the credit or debit cards. They just need to get a few feet closer to their victims to ensure that the device catches the signal. Once the information is stolen, it can be used for fraudulent purposes without the victim knowing it.

Consumers can be vulnerable to electronic pickpockets, especially when they are located at public, crowded places such as subways and airports. These types of places usually contain people that are not mindful about their belongings.

Credit card fraud comes with a heavy cost. Individuals who are victimized do not just suffer from financial lost, but also go through an enormously tiring and lengthy process of clearing out their names or cancelling their cards.

The RFID blocking sleeves can be conveniently placed inside a wallet, so consumers can have their protection anywhere they go. More and more people are using these sleeves as they prove to be effective in warding off criminals.

The U.S. general Services Administration (GSA) has released a set of test procedures to evaluate protective sleeves for credit cards. The sleeves are expected to pass the FIPS-201 guidelines or even exceed the standard.

There are many RFID blocking sleeves that have complied with the standards. It only shows that these credit card shields are potentially useful in protecting the personal and financial information of consumers.

There are many RFID blocking sleeves available nowadays. They can be easily purchased in just a matter of clicks online at (

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