Wedding Band vs. Wedding DJ: The Choice is Loud and Clear

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( — December 14, 2016) — When it comes time to make important decisions regarding the wedding reception, nailing down the entertainment for the evening is one of the chief concerns. Should you go with a wedding band or a DJ?

If you find yourself having this debate, there are a few things you need to know.

The Negatives of Using a DJ

In theory, a DJ sounds like a great idea. They tend to be significantly more cost-effective than a band and don’t take up nearly the same amount of space. However, that’s where the advantages stop.

The reason why so many wedding DJs are cheap is because they provide low-quality entertainment. Their equipment is cheap, their setup is messy, and they may even illegally download their music (which can show in the sound quality). This isn’t to say all DJs are talentless or cheap – there are many who have tremendous amounts of skill – but you won’t find them in the wedding industry. They usually prefer to pursue other professional pursuits.

But the biggest reason not to hire a wedding DJ has nothing to do with the music itself. “Your wedding DJ is responsible for coordinating the timeline, orchestrating the introduction and flow of events, working with your other vendors, managing the guests, reading the crowd and making sure the right song is played at just the right time,” wedding business coach Stephanie Padovani mentions. Is this the person you want to trust with your ceremony?

The Positives of Hiring a Band

But this article isn’t a hit piece on hardworking DJs. The biggest reason you should choose a wedding band over a DJ has nothing to do with DJs and everything to do with wedding bands. Here are a few of the positives:

1.      Maximum Energy

Whereas a DJ sits at a booth in the corner of the room and plays track after track, a wedding band is front and center. They aren’t just charged with playing music. They have a responsibility to breathe energy into the gathering and get people on the dance floor. But instead of playing goofy line dances, they get people moving and shaking with their musical talents.

2.      Best of Both Worlds

A wedding band can’t play non-stop for four hours, so they have to take a couple of short breaks. During these breaks, many bands are happy to put together a DJ list for the bride and groom. Take The Grooves, a San Antonio wedding band, for example. They build custom song lists to play on breaks so the crowd can hear certain songs that aren’t in their repertoire. This gives you the best of both worlds!

3.      Wedding Experience

There’s something to be said for having experience. When you work with a seasoned wedding band, they generally play weddings every weekend – sometimes two in a single weekend. This means they’ve seen every possible trick in the book and know how to respond to any situation.

4.      More Memorable

Think back to some of the most memorable weddings you’ve ever attended. Which ones stick out? In all likelihood, the most memorable wedding receptions are the ones where there’s a live band there to keep the night moving along. If you want your wedding to be memorable and special, it’s worth considering a band.

The Final Verdict

At the end of the day, not every couple can afford to hire a wedding band. They are certainly more expensive and require careful planning. However, if a band does fit in your budget, then you would be wise to consider hiring an experienced group of musicians who can bring your party to life.