Using Animation in Your Marketing Campaigns

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( — December 14, 2016) — Animation is often used in TV advertising, to great effect. Animated adverts can be funny, heart-warming and original, but more importantly, memorable. With animation software better than ever, this is the time to consider using animation in your advertising campaigns. You can produce animated clips, short films, animated infographics and animated characters, and use them in everything from emails to boardroom presentations as well as on your website. These are just a few of the reasons animation can be an incredibly effective marketing tool.

Communicate a Message

Visual marketing is so much more powerful than text. Internet users, especially, have a very short attention span. Video can capture their attention and hold it much better than a page of text. Using animation even more so. Animations can grab attention, and convey a message easily and quickly. Your animations can be funny, cute, serious, whatever you want them to be. Viewers will find it easy to understand what you’re trying to tell them if you use an animated video.

Makes Viewers Happy

Animation takes us back to the cartoons we watched as kids. There’s a sense of joy and innocence. This automatically makes the viewer trust us and puts them at ease. It makes them happy, and much more likely to make a purchase and become a regular customer.


Animation always seems to stick in our heads more than live action videos, and certainly more than photographs or text. You still can build up characters, give them personalities, as well as use sound and music. But animation can be like that song that gets in your head. People relate to it, and remember it. Animated adverts are often the ones that get people talking, the ones that make you stand out from the crowd.

Their memorable nature also lends them well to ‘how to’ type videos. Animation is a great medium to make informative videos, showing how your products work, or offering tips and advice. Customers really value informative content, especially if it’s easy to understand and remember.


As well as getting people talking, short animated videos get people sharing. Utilize social sharing buttons; make a great attention grabbing clip and people will share it across their social media platforms, especially if it makes them laugh. This is easy, instant, marketing for you.


Animation is effective for these reasons. This makes it ridiculously cost effective. Even if you choose to use a company to help you produce your clips, you save on actors, studios, locations, set design, and time, making animation a much cheaper option. The sales it can bring in, and the new audience you reach, make it well worth the expense.

Animation is unbelievably flexible. There aren’t the same restrictions as there are with video, it offers you the option to do a lot more, with great ease. It can even look like real life if you want it to. Animations in marketing can help increase your sales massively if used well. Look to Spiel to help you become an imaginative and creative business that people remember and trust.